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Writing Skills
Throughout my life I have been told that I read and write at an advanced level and I feel that it is also one of my strongest traits that I possess.
Though i am not the greatest, I have been practicing and learning how to play the guitar for about two years now. I find music to be one of my greatest ways with dealing with stress and many day to day conflicts.
Computer Maintenance
Throughout my childhood I have been very fascinated with computers and technology in general. I currently enjoy building computers and can also help with diagnosing certain problems. Though it is very common knowledge I have seen many people who dont know how to use computers to their full extent and I am always happy to help them out.
Throughout my time in Beginning TV Production in High school I have been given the opportunity to learn how to edit videos and I feel that it is a trait that I find very valuable to have.
Adobe Photoship
I have been using Adobe photoshop to edit and create photos. Though I am still in an intermediate level at it, I feel that I can use it as one of my skills as I do have the basics down.


As for now, my current goal for myself is to attend college. I aspire to become a pharmacist.


My interests include a variety of things such as spending time online reading up on the latest technology news, interacting with my friends, and taking apart and fixing old computers. 

Work experience

TV Productions

CDSTV (Helped move things and was provided props) (Helped with editing and idea input) (Extra and I helped with filming) (Helped Edit) (Main Editor, Filmed, and music) (3:35-4:40; Edited, Filmed, Acted, Lights)

Brickmason/Stonemason Laborer


I currently take side jobs with my father with construction like jobs. In these jobs I am required to do a lot of manual labor that includes making and mixing cement, clean up excess cement and stone, and knowing how to use bricks and stone to make a house more aesthetically pleasing. My dad has been in this business for 10+ years and I am very grateful that he has given me the opportunity to expand my learning horizon and give me insight to what hard work is. 


Aug 2011Present


Corona del Sol