Alexey Pimenov

  • Saint-Petersburg
Alexey Pimenov

Software Engineer(Java,Python, JS)


Have 2.5 years REAL experience in Genesys company, where i was working to make better customer experience integrating Genesys and MS Lync(Skype For business).
I started in project where we were using Java EE(Spring Framework) with Python For tests.
But then i was moved C# project, but it was still for Integrating Genesys and MS Lync. You can find description in the project tab on my page.
But my dream is work with Java and/or python on *nix system.
About *nix systems - i think, that i am really good in this, i know how it works and how to work with nix-like systems.
Thank you for reading this, feel free to have more details in the next tabs, i hope you have not wasted your time :)
Skype - megagon1
E-mail -

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2013 - Present


Software Engineer

Hired as intern here then received permanent offer.
Big company with everything you can imagine: QA team, Design, Code review, FDS, HLD, documentation, customer-related issues, customer-related feature requests, Jira system and many many other things.


Genesys UC Connector

Project with for Integration between MS Lync(Skype for business).
I have been using Java EE(Spring Framework) running in Jetty container as backend.
I have been using Java Jain SIP library to communicate with Lync servers.
I have been Using Python Selenium and Python Twisted.
Python selenium - for integration UI tests. Python Twisted - to emulate Lync Servers.
I have been using mercurial as VCS.
I have been using Jira system to get in touch with QA team and track tasks.

You can see the video of how it works here:

Genesys Interaction Workspace

I have been developed this from scratch with team.
It was a long way, we worked a lot very close to Microsoft Team reporting many bugs for them.
Tech stack is - Lync SDK, C#, and C# tests tools for tests coverage.
You can take a look at the video here:


MEAN developer

Freelance Developed from scratch app for real estate.
Technologies used: nodejs as backend, angular on front end, images stored in AmazonS3, everything else in mongo.
Tests on mocha using selenium, running on Jenkins using crossbrowser testing solution.
Grunt used to build project.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2016


ITMO University(Russia, Saint Petersburg)

Computer science. Based on the networking and *NIX systems and javaEE.




I love Java and I can create any system with this tool. I know, this is just a tool, but I am sure that you need to be really good in one thing to understand every other programming language. Frankly speaking, I'm really good in Java and I know, how it works, what should I do to improve stability/speed. I have been working with Java for 1.5 years in Genesys with app that handles over 10 million calls each day.For example, Apple  was one of our customers. 


Front end for real estate service and Genesys Workspace.


Used for cloud in Genesys for image's url store in real estate service.


Real estate service with image protection.


Created test coverage for java project using selenium.