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Work experience

Jul 2008Present

National Account Executive


As has been the case throughout my career, I was brought to NetSPI to establish relationships with key strategic accounts and to build our market presence and brand awareness in key industry verticals.  My objectives have been to drive revenue and vertical success and to interact with C-level and Director-level executives at clients to establish a value-based relationship on behalf of NetSPI.

My role at NetSPI:

  • Hunter - Penetrate and close key strategic, large, technology-focused organizations.
  • Drive new revenue from existing strategic accounts
  • Drive significant new revenue for NetSPI in less established vertical markets.
  • Establish the NetSPI brand as an industry leader within industry verticals that will drive NetSPI's growth for the next several years.
  • Establish and manage social media strategy for NetSPI.
  • Continue to build NetSPI thought leadership within the security and compliance market.

My achievements:

  • Since joining NetSPI, I have brought significant new revenue and clients to the organization - including clients such as NCR, GE, VeriFone, Hypercom, Pitney Bowes, Phillips-Van Heusen, and iCongo.
  • Successfully established a sustainable social media program and have participated in building a widely-respected corporate blog.
  • Significantly increased market presence of NetSPI in both the retail and healthcare technology vertical industries through marketing, outreach, thought leadership, and closing new business.
  • Responsible for >50% of NetSPI's revenue in the application compliance vertical market.
Sep 2007Jul 2008

Regional Account Executive

Magenic Technologies

I was brought to Magenic to target strategic accounts and to build our presence within the large corporate environment within and around the Twin Cities. I worked with C-level and director-level executives to understand their application environment and how it fit into the overall direction and focus of IT and the organization as a whole. I worked with these executives and their teams to focus and direct their application strategy and utilize Magenic's unique model as a partner to further their initiatives and achieve both their technology and corporate goals.

My role at Magenic:

  • Build relationships with organizations to help them understand how application technology can effectively maximize the effectiveness of their unique processes.
  • Position Magenic within the region as a true application partner – working through a unique model to affect an organization's business objectives via technology.

  • Build effective partnerships within Microsoft and within the Twin Cities IT community to advance Magenic's mission and to 'spread the word' regarding our unique approach and model.

My achievements:

  • Formed effective partnerships with strategic Microsoft resources and personnel.

  • Worked to re-establish Magenic's reputation within the retail community locally.

  • Built a visual tool for representing the company's unique model – using understood concepts to differentiate our approach and execution from the other organizations both regionally and nationally that work with our 'space'.

  • Closed business with 'profile' companies and established the foundation of long-term partnerships with these organizations.

  • Established working relationships with several 'anchor' profile organizations that will deliver significant revenue over the next several years.


Regional Sales Executive

Winthrop Resources

I was brought to Winthrop to establish and build a new vertical market. I work with C-level executives at large regional and national retail organizations to implement a strategic solution built to address the unique nature of technology and unplanned change.

My role at Winthrop Resources:

  • Build our business through direct relationships with executives at 'profile' organizations

  • Grow our vertical strategy through better understanding of our customer and prospects – use my knowledge and experience to help the organization better understand how to address the new marketplace

  • Build Partnerships with organizations that complement our mission, benefit from our value proposition, and work with executives at profile companies

My achievements:

  • Closed significant 'anchor' profile accounts

  • Have built Winthrop's presence in a key vertical from 'non-existent' to a true industry presence

  • Authored white papers on our important role in managing technology investment and unforeseen change – utilized these pieces and participation in industry conferences to position Winthrop as a 'thought-leader' within the vertical market

  • Identified and built lasting and effective relationships with strategic vendor partners that were previously unknown to Winthrop – this has resulted in considerable sales increases – sales to the new vertical have doubled over the last 2 years and 60-70 percent of this increase is due to new vendor relationships.


Regional Sales Manager

Direct Source

Over the years, I held a number of positions at Direct Source, all with considerable impact in an area of the company that was important to growth. During my last 7 years I had a significant number of both official and unofficial responsibilities.

My role at Direct Source:

  • Provided direct sales leadership for the Northeastern quarter of the United States, working with Fortune 1000 clients.

  • Led efforts to identify new technologies and their applicability to our client/prospect base. Will they provide benefit? Can we gain expert status? Will we be successful with this technology? (Prior to leaving Direct Source I was asked to officially take a new Director position focusing entirely on this aspect of the business.)

  • Manage project management teams for clients in the Northeastern United States.

  • Provide leadership in successful corporate re-branding efforts.

  • Build and manage vendor relationships in the Northeastern United States.

My achievements:

  • Closed significant 'anchor' profile accounts.

  • Re-engineered 'go-to-market' strategy – this strategy helped build sales from $4M/year to $35M/year over a 5-year period while maintaining $1M+/employee revenue rate and improving overall margins.

  • Identified, introduced, and built a sales plan around new technologies that contributed heavily to both sales success and to the bottom line of the business.

  • Led successful effort to introduce new services offerings to the marketplace.

  • 'Re-built' our direct-support model to provide better customer service, better vendor communication, and better overall service margins.

  • Authored a series of papers and participated in industry conferences to establish Direct Source as a strategic partner for both retail organizations as well as technology vendors.

  • Early in my career at Direct Source, I managed logistics as well as the support/integration facility and I transitioned those areas from reactionary groups to pro-active teams that worked together to support the rapid growth of the company.


Sales & Marketing Plan Development
Identifying opportunities within the marketplace and building integrated sales and marketing plans to maximize the efficiency of both while driving complex sales and client relationships.  Important components in building an effective, actionable, and productive sales plan:   Structure Compensation to Result in Desired Behavior From the Team Build Internal Support Within the Team By Showing Value to Them Align Plan With Both Strategic Corporate Goals as Well as Specific Tactical Results Align Plan With Corporate Culture Mentor the Sales and Marketing Team To Acceptance and Success Educate Internal Non-Sales Staff Regarding Sales Goals and How They Need to Assist Hold Team Accountable, Celebrate Success Measure and Be Ready to Adjust to Fine-Tune to Market Conditions
Social Networking & In-Bound Marketing
I am actively engaged in our brand building efforts across a range of Internet mediums - extending our brand via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Webinars, and SEO strategies.    Over the last 6 months these efforts have begun paying significant returns through increased traffic to our corporate site and significantly heightened brand recognition in the marketplace.  This has been particularly important as the initiatives have been very targeted towards relevant audiences.   As we drive our in-bound marketing and social networking strategies into the next phase, we will be fully integrating these initiatives with more traditional brand-building initiatives - maximizing our impact while reducing the overall marketing investment.
Corporate Branding and Positioning
I have worked with several companies on building a vertical strategy and effectively positioning within that vertical approach.  I have also gone through a full re-branding, having worked with marketing firms to build a new logo, new material, new positioning statements, etc.   This is also an area where I have focused on not 'missing the forest for the trees' - branding and positioning can have some short-term benefits, but tends to a longer-term strategy for any organization.  It is very important to keep these longer-term initiatives in mind and not forget them during the day-to-day focus of closing more business.
Simplification of Complex Business Problems
This might seem a bit esoteric, but is very important in understanding the true nature of your client's project or need.  Just as importantly, it's important in understanding (and effectively communicating) how your solution or value is going to help the client.
Business Partner / Alliance Development
Alliance building and business partner development is absolutely critical for organizations that are looking to drive both direct sales and market penetration.  The ability to understand how a partner can provide both direct and indirect benefits for your company (and vice-versa) is extremely important in identifying and creating lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships.
C-Level Solution-Based Direct Sales
I have historically worked with C-Level executives and Directors on strategic projects and initiatives that have a meaningful impact on their organization.  Understanding how the project impacts their business both technically and financially is important in understanding how I can add the most value to their effort.



Bachelor of Science

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - College of Agricultural, Food, & Environmental Sciences

Dean's List, Elected to Xi Sigma Pi honorary society by faculty, alumni, and student peers

Work & Supporting Information


I am a sales and marketing professional that has extensive experience in driving new business and building market presence through direct sales, vertical market strategies, and brand building.  My personal sales philosophy consists of three functional areas which, in my opinion, are integrated and should functionally dovetail into one another seamlessly:

Market / Vertical Development

New Client Acquisition

Client Retention

These areas encompass marketing and sales as a continuous and common effort.  I have worked hard over my career to build my skills in leading and closing strategic engagements, in understanding how best to strategically position my company's value proposition in order to establish credibility and presence, and to learn how to manage operational processes to execute successfully. 

I am focused on relationships and long-term engagements and typically work with large clients, interacting at the C-level in order to translate the strategic value that our company has into meaningful results for the client.  This has resulted in projects that have significantly changed the industry awareness of our company and created additional opportunities for myself and others.


My Family

Sales / Business Management

Brand Building

In-Bound Marketing

Social Networking





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