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Personal Trainer
I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer. I'v had many clients through my two years as being a personal trainer achieve there long dream goals. I compete in fitness show's as well and want to help people achieve and there fitness lifestyle and with those with the same interests in competing in shows as well


I am interested in Nutrition and Fitness. I have been involved with the both for the last 12 years of my life and there is nothing better in the world then using the knowledge i have learned and helping others do the same.


What I am trying to accomplish is to not only help people achieve there physical appearance but to help them understand the quality's of being healthy and active and the many positives that comes with it.

Work experience

Sales Person, Cashier


was hired as a regular employee then my manager had put me at the manager position and I had I was running the Nutrition Store. Unfortunately It had went out of business due to the face It was not in the best location 

Feb 2011Present

Personal Trainer


I am a certified personal trainer and received my certification through the top personal training academy out there. I have been Personal Training for two years now, have had over 75 clients during my two years. Now that I have been working as a personal trainer for 2 years, I want to have it as a little side job and want to pursue now in something bigger in my life.


Aug 2012May 2013

exercise science

University Of Alabama

I graduate from the University Of Alabama with a degree in Exercise Science. Throughout my time while pursuing my degree I was a personal trainer with a certification in ACE fitness program. I am very talented at what I do and wish you pursue and show my talent in the next field.


Feb 2011Apr 2013