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I've been a designer and a problem solver for 18 years. I managed several teams, first as a creative director, and for 10 years as a UX guy. I value team work, and unlock collective intelligence by defining clear goals, and shaping a safe and enjoyable work environment so we can create efficient and memorable experiences to our customers.

Work experience

2015Nov. 2017

UX Director


As I value team work and collective intelligence, it's key to get the best of each team members and unlock full potential.

Therefore, as a team leader of 16 people at DxOI

  • Provided clear direction, and preserve time for guidance, and mentorship.
  • Used design thinking principles to understand, build, and iterate with the team organization:
    • Understand team and people problems: team retrospectives, project journeys, 1/1's and group interviews;
    • Eliminate brakes that lower people efficiency: using the right tools, adjusting processes with the team, stakeholders and executives when required;
    • Iterate based on team and stakeholders feedbacks.
  • Defined challenging but doable team and personal goals.
  • Hired people with the skills set needed to fulfill team and company objectives, and fit the mindset of the team and the company.

UX Strategy

  • Worked on UX across multiple touchpoints and channels.
  • Defined and promote design thinking principles, mindset, and tools throughout the company.
  • Introduced Job-to-be-done approach to better understand and define how photographers behave.
  • Adapted strategy, team organization, and deliverables to fit in a constantly changing environment.
  • Ensured UX integration into product management and dev. process (SCRUM)
  • Facilitated workshops to inform product team and designers decisions, and user testing sessions to validate assumptions.

Senior UX designer


User experience of the new DxO product: DxO ONE camera for iPhone and iPad.

  • Conducted user research to understand photographers needs and behaviors
  • Created challenging prototyping and test plans to simulate the urgency and feeling of taking pictures with a device that doesn't exist yet.
  • Defined interaction design, and UI specifications.


"DxO One app is one of the best photo apps I've ever seen. It's got a beautifully simple design, and it works incredibly fast. [...] DxO's looks like one I'd use even without the external camera." The Verge

"The build feels sturdy and the device is comfortable to hold when attached to the phone. The app is incredibly easy to use." Wired

More press reviews and testimonials of the DxO ONE available here.


 Freelance UX/UI designer

  • Successfully created experiences on multiple projects for the web, iOS, Android and desktop softwares.
  • Worked as a consultant for companies of all scale from startups to multinational corporations. I had the pleasure to work directly with them without sponsors.
  • Teamed up with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to create the best possible experience for their product/brand.
  • Promoted design thinking principles, and adapted them to specific constraints and timeframe of clients.

Clients (non-exhaustive list)

Decathlon, Areva, Systeme UPlayerPro for Android, VLC Remote, Groupe MediadiffusionYooda SeeUrankGenApi,,, ...


Creative director

  • Art direction on countless digital projects (web apps, institutional web sites, e-commerces, ad campaigns, ...)
  • Managed a team of creatives and front-end engineers
  • Defined, created, and tested a taylor-made CMS (user needs, usability, design principles, ...)

Web designer and project manager

  • Designed several digital project (web apps, institutional web sites, e-commerces, ad campaigns, ...)
  • On-time and on-quality delivery check

Web project manager

Access Moto
  • Successfully built and launch its 46K+ references ecommerce web site
  • Managed web design (both usability and art direction)
  • Managed technical aspects (database, product shots, HTML, ...)



HCI training


6 days training - I wanted to test my knowledge in HCI and UX.
Usabilis offered me a job at the end of the training.


DUT informatique

Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (Montpellier II)

Web development specialty.


Kirk Paulsen - Former Senior Director, Worldwide Product Marketing, Apple

Former manager at DxO - San Francisco, CA - USA

[email protected] - +1 (408) 425-6373

"[Alex] is that unique individual capable of recruiting, managing and motivating design teams to do award-winning work, and any company would be fortunate to add his name to their roster."


Stéphane Laveau - Former SVP Product Strategy, DxO

Former manager at DxO - Paris, France

[email protected] - +33 (0)6 10 29 66 65

"During this rapid growth, Alex managed to stay on top of things and organize the team quickly."


More references on my LinkedIn profile: