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Hello my name is Alexandria De Mars and I'm seventeen years old. I can be described as a person that is very adventurous; I'm never afraid to try new things, hard working: I always give 110% in everything I do no matter what obstacles I may face, and I'm compassionate ; I love volunteering in my community, especially with a program at Rubio's DAnce STudio called Arms WIde Open,and making a difference in other peoples' life. My goals for the next four years are to attend San Diego State University for the first four years of under-graduate school and then attend University California Davis for my graduate, so I can become a doctor in veterinarian medicine. The three colleges I want to attend to is San Diego State University,University California Davis, and University California San Diego. I chose these colleges as my top three choices of school I would like to attend to because they are far away enough, but also close enough from home. 


Valhalla High School 

Current GPA: 2.87

Class Rank:227/469


12th Grade: pre-calculus,A.P.Government/Economics,Peer Tutoring,Intermediate Dance, A.P. Literature 

11th:chemistry,intermediate dance,photography,U.S. History, A.P. Language,Algebra 2

10th:AP. World History, AP English,beginning dance,geometry,biology,Spanish 3/4

9th: Pre AP History,Honors English,Spanish 1/2, Physical Education,Algebra 1, General Science

Extra Curricular Activities

As part of my school activities there are many things I love to do. This year is going to be my fourth year on varsity cheer. Also, this year I was on varsity track and field for sprints and junior varsity for long and triple jump. And with this pass season I got the greatest opportunity to compete in the CIF preliminaries for the long and triple jump. At the end of the season I received the Scholar Athlete Award for being able to maintain great grades, while participating in a sport. Outside of my school activities there are many other things I love to do that are part of my busy life. Those activities include spending time my family, going to Disneyland, and doing gymnastics. Of all of the extra curricular activities that I'm involved in my most favorite one is volunteering with a non-profit organization at Rubio's Dance Studio called ARms Wide Open, where we teach kids, teens, and young adults with special needs how to act, sing, and dance through the arts.

Interests and Community Services

For the past 4 years I have volunteered with Rubio's Dance Studio in their Arms Wide Open program where we teach kids, teens, and young adults with special needs how to act, sing , and dance though the arts. Every year this program puts on big play productions at the Lyceum Theatre in downtown San Diego. This year we put on the production of Peter Pan. My job in this program is as assistant choreographer. As assistant choreographer I help the kids and adults get on and off the stage, while also doing dance choreography, so they don't get lost or forget their dances. Also, I'm part of a program known as SPRITES. SPRITES is a mother/daughter philanthropic group where daughters and their mothers go out into our community and make a difference in other peoples' life.

Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy in life can be quoted as:

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

This verse from the Bible has always taught that no matter how hard it may seem to reach my goals in life or what obstacles I face, that with God's guidance I can achieve anything.