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I'm currently looking for a work, preferably in health sciences. So if you found my profile interesting you or if you want any other information, don't hesitate to contact me!

I describe my self as:

  • Versatile
  • Curious
  • Determined

Some journalistic articles:


Sep 2011May 2014

Master in Molecular Medecine

Université Laval

(Also referred as "physiology-endocrinology" depend on papers... even if both names don't say much anyway)

Sep 2013Dec 2014

DESS in Journalism

Université de Montréal
Sep 2008Apr 2011

Bachelor in Pharmacology

Université de Sherbrooke

Other involvement

Student involvement

  • External VP in 3 associations
    (4 years)
  • Implication in various comity


  • Rugby  - Vert et Or (University team)
  • Basketball, swimming, rugby and badminton (highshool / Cegep)
  • Coaching swimming and baseball clubs 


Sep 2014Dec 2014

Scientific journalist trainee

Agence-Science Presse
  • Scientific popularization
  • Writing of short and long text for the web site
  • Research and participation in a radio show
  • Redaction and strategy fo social medias (Twitter and Facebook)
Aug 2011Aug 2013

Master student in medicinal chemistry

Preclinical evaluation of a promising compound to treat breast cancer and endometriosis 
  • Design of many assays to evaluate our lead drug efficacy and safety
  • Evaluation of new candidate inhibitors
  • By doing so: incidental discovery of an unsuspected enzyme activator  
  • in vitro: cell culture, cell proliferation, enzyme activity, chromatography
  • in vivo: Absorption, biodistribution and mass-balance in mice
Jan 2011Apr 2011

Intern in radiobiology / nuclear medicine

Characterization of radiotracers TEP for detection of cancers
  • In vitro: binding assays, internalization, cell culture, etc.
  • In vivo: TEP scan imagery and biodistribution in mice
May 2010Aug 2010

Intern in pharmacology

Development of a triple action antidiabetic drug
  • Beginning of drug discovery process in multidisciplinary team
  • Devise various screening assays to test available compounds
  • In vitro: cell culture, transfection, luciferase assays, PCR

Apr 2009Aug 2009

Intern in endocrinology

Involvement of fatty acids in Polycystic Ovary Syndrom (PCOS)
  • In vitro: ELISA, RIA, Western blot, FACS, primary cell culture,
  • In vivo: work on a research platform using dogs


  • FRQS scholarship (master degree)
  • Selected for presentation at RQRM
  • CREMOGH grant (faculty)
  • FMSS grant (faculty)
  • FRQS summer grant
  • RSEQ Honour as student-Athlete


Between proficient and bilingual I would say
Advance writing and speach skills (1st language as you can guess)
Innovation / creativity
I really enjoy to try new ideas or to improve my everyday work.
Critical thinking
May even score higher... I'm really strong (obsessed?) on that point
Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, VBA and Python
Advance use of Office suit + fairly good with many software (statisitc, scraping, data analysis...) + basic infography

Text section

References and other work experience available on demand