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Degree in Biology

University of Évora, Évora (Portugal)

▪ Physics
▪ Statistics
▪ Mathematics
▪ Cell Biology
▪ General Chemistry
▪ Forensic Chemistry
▪ General Biochemistry
▪ Microbiology
▪ Genetics
▪ Molecular Biology
▪ Biotechnology
▪ Immunology
▪ Environmental Microbiology Principles
▪ Virology
▪ General Ecology
▪ Communities and Ecosystems Biology
▪ Populations Biology
Among others



Rate Certificate in English Language

University of Évora, Évora (Portugal)

Rating Obtained: C1


Rate Certificate in French Language

University of Évora, Évora (Portugal)

Rating Obtained at the Language Centre of the University of Évora

Rating Obtained: C1

Professional Experience


Factory worker

Multitempo, Empresa de Trabalhos Temporários, Lda.Praça de Alvalade, nº6, 12º A 1700-036 Lisbon (Portugal)

Several tasks performed in concentrates lines.


Communication skills:

▪ Communication skills gained through the academic course and through projects performed
during it
▪ Team spirit
▪ Ability to adapt
▪ Sense of duty
▪ High interest and dedication

Organisational / managerial skills:
▪ Sense of organization
▪ Work methodology
▪ Leadership (having been responsible for coordinating Karate classes)

Computer skills:

▪ Proficient in general and advanced use of computer/IT systems
▪ Skills applied to the assembly of computer hardware
▪ High understanding, skills and use of Operating systems
▪ Mastered Softwares:
 Microsoft Office Word
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint
 Microsoft Office Exel
 Microsoft Office Publisher
 Adobe After Effects
 Corel Draw
▪ Among other computer skills

Driving licence:
▪ B and B1 (passenger cars and ATVs)
▪ A1 (motorcycles up to 125cc)

Presentations / Projects:

"Influence of extraradical mycelium as a source of inoculum for the mycorrhizal colonization of poorly
mycotrophic plants" - Life Sciences Project II - University of Évora.


▪ Former Karate Student (black belt 1st Dan graduation)
▪ Former Member of the National (Portuguese) Karate Team (2008-2009)