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Alexandra Shiryaeva

Head Of Customer Service


The only thing you have is your customers, so let's give them all the best!
By the way, 100% of customer happiness isn't a limit at all.

Work experience

April 2016Present

Head of Customer Service


I have turned an unprofitable, negative and dysfunctional client support department into a lvl 90 amazing support team.

Before my arrival
100% of money back requests were executed
client satisfaction level was less than 70%
there was no workflow, no knowledge base, no proper support department accounting, as well as no tools for support team work optimisation
most user interface errors required developers' help
the support team wasn't involved in the product development process and profit gaining

Since my arrival
only 1 in 10 refund requests caused by user discontent with the product is completed
client satisfaction level is 97 to 100%
fast and effective resolution of conflicts
support has the tools for independent problem solving, takes part in product development and is absolutely focussed onto the true needs of the user
increased company profitability (weak points are strengthened, general subscription time increases)
preventive measures for negative situations

And the most important – true love that is felt even by the most challenging clients.

Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban
Bug-tracking: Jira, YouTrack
Wiki: Confluence

November 2015 April 2016 April 2016 (6 months)

Project Manager


Web-projects development and support. Remote cooperation between the dev team and the clients.

Technology stack: Python/Django and JavaScript/AngularJS
Bug-tracking tools: Jira
Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban
Wiki: Confluence

April 2015December 2015 (9 months)

Project Manager

Adwizard Interactive

Managing major web projects
Effective resource management
Great team of 5 to 10 subordinates
Drafting and approval of documents, budget, timing
Making all the projects great, high-quality, and profitable
Team motivation

Technology stack: Python and Django, Flask, Tornado
Bug-tracking tools: Jira
Methodologies: Scrum
Wiki: Confluence

April 2014December 2015 (1 year 9 months)

Deputy Head of Customer Service

Adwizard Interactive

Head's of Customer Support right-hand woman. Responsible, reliable, quick, and smart girl beloved by all the clients.
It was my first and last attempt to work as a customer support manager. It became last because i simply realized i love it; it's even better to say i'm mad about it.

Working on different web projects as a project and account manager
Support and development teams supervising
Working on some new features, improvements, updates, and bugs
Content management of 100 (and more) web sites
Drafting of documents
And last but not least, making all our customers really happy and satisfied with our service

Bug-tracking: Jira, YouTrack
Wiki: Confluence

February 2012November 2013 (1 year 10 months)



DogMama is a little web store and my first try of being self-employed. We made great customer service and sold the best dog's toys ever. Anyway, not it's closed. It was really important experience that allowed me to feel my absolute strong and weak points at the same time. Customer care, stamina and ingenuity became the strongest ones. 

November 2011November 2013 (2 years 1 month)



Writing simple but nice short texts about different restaurants. These texts were beautiful and tasty – exactly what you need if you're hungry enough.

October 2008November 2013 (5 years 2 months)

Content Manager / Copywriter / SMM Manager


Copywriting, editing texts, content management, social media management, and even SEO – all of these things were under my control.

Writing all kinds of texts (advertising, fiction, medicine, psychology, SEO, etc.)
Editing the same kinds of texts
Creating content for the social media (Facebook, VK, Twitter)
✓ Contextual advertising

Well, i was a real jack of all trades, to be honest, and i liked it a lot!

August 2011 September 2012 (1 year 2 months)

SEO Copywriter

Web Marketing

Contextual advertising management and copywriting. It was boring but effective. 

November 2010September 2011 (11 months)


Welcome Group

I wrote texts for the presentations, edited restaurants' menu, and helped with e-mail marketing issues. No one mistake or typo passed!

March 2009 June 2011 (2 years 4 months)

Project Manager


BTL projects management. If someone needed the greatest promoter for the good salary i was right there.



Udmurt State University



Udmurt State University