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I am an Ithaca College graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Video Production. I recently relocated to Los Angeles after working for over a year as an Assistant Director and Video Editor at a top ABC affiliate local news station. Since moving here I have been freelancing as a Production Assistant on many television shows and films. Prior to that I was a freelance Production Assistant and have had multiple internships where I acted as an Assistant. I am eager to begin my production career in Los Angeles. My technical skills, my passion for creating media, and my dedication to hard work make me a great candidate for employment. I am familiar with Mac and PC operating systems, and I am proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. I am very organized, punctual, and pay high attention to detail.


I am passionate about television and film, travel, cooking and trying new foods, music, and any creative arts and crafts.  I would love to work for a program that focuses on travel, cooking, music, or design, or on an entertainment-based news or talk-show program.


To find a position as a Production Associate in which I can execute my production skills and contribute positively to the creation of a quality television program.

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Key Production Assistant

Red Clementine Productions - "A Wife Alone" Feature Film
  • Oversaw 5 Production Assistants on an independent feature film shoot
  • Completed daily pre-production and production tasks in a timely manner
  • Organized location scouting, booking, and sponsorship, and obtained brand clearance
  • Managed craft services
May 2013Jun 2013

Production Assistant

Tigertail Films - "Discarded" Feature Film
  • Managed craft services for 17-day independent feature film shoot
  • Set-up and wrap for production at multiple locations
Jun 2013Jun 2013

Production Assistant

Outlaw Laboratories - "Have A Great Show"
  • Greeted talent and managed sending actors to wardrobe/hair & make-up
  • Escorted talent to set for each necessary scene
  • Wrapped location
Jun 2013Jun 2013

Production Assistant

3 Star Productions

  • Completed wardrobe runs for fashion editors and stylists for a Vogue Brazil photo shoot
May 2013May 2013

Post-Production Assistant

Lighthearted Entertainment - "72 Hours", "Lonestar Legend"
  • Compiled music cue sheets and data base entries for 2 full reality show seasons
  • Created inventory of post-production supplies
Apr 2013Apr 2013

Stage Production Assistant

20th Century Fox - "DADS" Pilot
  • Worked with Assistant Directors on multi-camera sitcom pilot
  • Served as point of contact between stage and production office
  • Organized script and assorted distribution to cast and crew
Apr 2013Apr 2013

Production Assistant

Angst Productions - "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
  • Managed check-in of VIP audience members and network executives for show tapings
  • Completed daily production tasks and runs in a timely manner
Jan 2012Feb 2013

Assistant Director/Editor/Camera Operator

  • Operated Character Generator and managed video playbacks during daily live newscasts
  • Edited video content and created graphics for daily newscasts on tight deadlines
  • Ran studio camera for daily live newscasts
  • Began as Editor/Camera Operator, advanced to Asst. Director, trained as Director/TD
Sep 2005Jun 2011

W-Kids Center Employee


  • Supervised and cared for children while parents shopped
  • Built diverse range of customer service, childcare, and organizational skills
  • Cross-trained as a Photography Lab Technician and Cashier
Aug 2007May 2011


Entertainment 16

  • Began as Production Assistant and Camera Operator
  • Advanced to position of Director for weekly live entertainment news program
  • Edited weekly packages
Jan 2011May 2011

Teaching Assistant

Ithaca College

  • Selected to assist with Television Directing & Acting course after completing the semester prior
  • Instructed non-production students on crew tasks and filled any vacant duties for weekly shoots
  • Prepared studio lights and equipment for class period
  • Troubleshot in the studio and control room
Jan 2010May 2010

Production Intern

Prospect Pictures

  • Worked closely with the in-studio prop coordinator on daily live-to-tape cooking program
  • Researched and compiled biographies on celebrity guests
  • Logged and organized documentary footage, occasionally prepared paper edits
Aug 2007Dec 2009


Newswatch 16
  • Started as Assistant Producer, wrote weekly stories and created graphics for live local news program
  • Progressed to Reporter, Videographer, and Editor - shot, wrote, and edited weekly packages
  • Produced Election Center 2008 Newsbreaks
May 2009Aug 2009

Production Intern


  • Assisted with studio set-up, direction, and production, and guest research and relations
  • Shot and edited weekly interview and event package segments
  • Created DVD reel for program promotion

Sample Work


Aug 2007May 2011

B.S. in Television-Radio

Ithaca College


XPression Character Generator
Edius Editing Software
Linear Tape-to-Tape Editors
Mackie Audio Board
Technical Director Switcher Board
Tape and HD Camcorders
Maya 3D Animation
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Office


NYS Drivers' License