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Alexandra Yurik

IT Project manager | Kyiv, Ukraine


I adore working in sphere of complex creating and managing of internet projects. 

My goal is to be helpful, make profit for my clients, improve my skills and knowledge day by day.

I'm deeply impressed by internet technologies progress and adore being on the contemporary trends wavelength. One of my main aims is rising everyone's life quality.


Have got Bachelor degree in International Management and Economics. Graduated from the Ukrainian National Technical University.

Passed several trainings on Management, Marketing, Art of sales, Business planning, Customer Services, etc.

Took internship as a financial auditor in the big international bank UniCredit. 

Passed seminar, provided by the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and devoted to writing business plans. My business plan took the first place.

Participated in active training on spoken English in London.

Work History


Executive Assistant and HR specialist

Daraja & Rosa.Care

I was HR and searched (then hired) new web developers, searched for different information in Internet, consulted the CEO about official contracts with other companies, organised the flight (not only a flight, but all the meeting: reserving and preparing facilities, purchasing food and drinks, prepared documentation and schedule etc) of the CEO to Ukraine for the meeting with web developers, was a translator (even more, I was like a bridge) for web-developers and the CEO and made a lot of other miscellaneous things.


Administrative Assistant 

Bridge to English

Administrative Assistant to the CEO of Saudi Arabia-based company Bridge to English. I was actively dealing with documentation, held online meetings, searched for different information on Internet, made reports based on information I found, wrote recommendations for CEO, was an HR and searched for new specialists. Also helped with personal issues actively: gifts for different people and different occasions, psychological support, personal researchers, tickets booking-delaying etc.


Administrative Assistant


Worked in Bermuda-based IT company Fireminds ( and Premier Tickets (both of them) and AA directly to CEO of these companies Michael Branco. I managed websites on different platforms, made quality assurance testing, generated reports in Excel on the regular basis, all the reports were complex, professional, I built pivot tables, complex spreadsheets, difficult graphs, created new design etc. I also managed information on companies websites, worked with Constant Contact, worked with multiple people at once, did professional correspondence and worked with e-mails in different ways, managed reports using Quickbooks and Harvest services, made presentations, edited images in Adobe Photoshop, actively participated in online meeting and performed a lot of other miscellaneous things.


Project Manager


I managed projects in LiquidPlanner, Autotask, and Trello, generated new ideas, made reports in Excel and actively held video meetings etc.


Technical and administrative virtual assistant

NYC Helpdesk company

Project Manager and Executive Assistant directly for the CEO (Jared Shih) of the New York City based web-development company HYC HelpDesk. I managed the work of the team of developers in Basecamp, created schedules, managed WordPress and Joomla! websites, made quality assurance testing, worked with multiple people at once, regularly dealt with images in Adobe Photoshop, complex Excel spreadsheets, did professional correspondence and worked with e-mails in different ways, Word documentation, held regular meetings etc.


Complex creating and support of marketing and consulting company's site

MPC Paramita

I provided a comprehensive creating and support of private marketing and psychological center's site. The site was built on CMS Wordpress. Translation from Russian into English and Ukrainian languages was performed, bugs were corrected, different plugins were set up. Text in images had been translated and edited using a graphical editor. HTML-markup was used for the correct displaying of the text and images on the website. A plugin for multilanguage support was installed and configured on CMS Wordpress. As a result, the customer received a commercial site in three languages. It allows client to offer his services to much more customers.  A long-term cooperation with this client was lined up.


Complex creating and support of the religious community site

Religious communities

Volunteer assistance to religious organizations in order to create and support their website was provided on the non-profit basis. I translated the site from Russian into English and Ukrainian, set up plugins, corrected bugs etc. Text in images has been translated and edited using graphic editor. HTML-markup for correct displaying of the text and images on the website was used. A plugin for multilanguage support was installed and configured on CMS Wordpress. As a result, a religious organization have an opportunity to benefit more people. Now I go on supporting this site.


Students support in communications with Universities

Private clients

I was a mediator between Ukrainian students of the Ukrainian Academy of Civil Engineering and different European and the US Institutions for a half of a year. My tasks were: making recommendations and translations of their correspondence with Universities of France, Germany, the US; translation of their studies, articles and glossaries; Giving English lessons (pronunciation and grammar) to prepare them for studying abroad.


Negotiations with Morris Garages office in GB

Private client

I was a mediator between clients of MG in Ukraine, and the main office of the company in Great Britain. I was keeping negotiations with the main office by Skype. I also had to prepare several official letters for the MG management.


Engineering study for a Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Private client

In spite of overcrowding of text with engineering terms and assignment to translate graphs using editing software, the work has been translated in record time. Moreover, I had to make a recording of the study, using high-quality English pronunciation. The study was about the defects in the shells of metal chimneys. I got a huge experience of using engineering lexis. The study was done by the deadline and highly estimated by the professorate of a Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.


Working with religious communities on non-profit basis

Religious communities

Starting from the 2011 I'm an active member of voluntary activity for religious organisation. My tasks are: To do correspondence with European, American, Korean religious communities; To make up formal appeals for other countries' Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors, Heads of Charitable Foundations; To prepare articles, invitations, messages and translate them; Interpreting for the foreign guests etc. I've been doing all the work on the non-profit basis.


Correspondence with the US court 

Private client

The first serious order I got was to do client's correspondence with the USA court. I had to be a mediator between Ukrainian and the US opponents. There was full of legal lexis correspondence, I had to manage and translate it.



 Ukrainian National Technical University

 Bachelorin International Management and Economics

English school Trinity

Improved my English to advanced level.

Ukrainian Humanitarian Colledge


English school Lingua

Studied English using Oxford program