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A little about me

I'm 5 foot 3 but 6 foot full of energy. After graduating from UBC, I moved abroad to the UK and began my years of self discovery, a prevalent phenomenon for the early-twenty-year-old in the common era. I travelled and added  a variety of jobs and skills to my experience list, all of which I can argue as fundamental in my personal growth, until I stumbled upon (and subsequently fell in love with) web development. I haven't looked back since.



JavaScript, Node, Ruby, SQL, HTML/CSS


Rails, Sinatra

Other Technologies


GIT HUB Projects

Contact List  (

-Create a contact list app which allows you to create a new contact, update and delete contacts, and search through all contacts.

-Skills Developed: Using JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, and building a JSON API.

Rotten Mangoes (

-Create a movie reviewing app where users can create a movie and upload a poster image, write comments, search movies, admin have special privileges, and users receive email notifications.

-Skills Developed: Using Rails Framework.


Weather App (

-Search for a city, then retrieve its current weather conditions.

-Skills Developed: Working with AJAX and 3rd party APIs.


Lighthouse Labs

Feb 2016Apr 2016

Web Development Bootcamp

-Intense and accelerated program to give me an introduction to coding and learn to translate concepts and breakdown problems.


Jan 2016April 2016

Introduction to Applied Mathematics

-Discrete mathematics and linear equations course that covered boolean algebra and design of logic circuits, number systems and data representation, and functions, linear equations, vectors and matrices.

University of British Columbia

Sep 2009May 2013

Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Environment and Sustainability)

-Program consisted of an equal combination of both Arts and Science geography courses, providing me with an understanding of the physical processes and social aspects related to sustainable issues.

Work experience


Nov 2015Dec 2015


-Contributed to the startup of a youth livelihoods initiative in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania by conducting a needs assessment to evaluate the expectations of the youth.

-I terminated my contract early due to a security issue I faced while abroad.

Marner Primary School

Sep 2013Jun 2014

Special Needs Assistant

-Worked one-on-one with children with special educational needs by observing their specific behaviours and developing activities to ensure each of their personal developmental needs were being met.