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Alexandr Dmitrievskiy

Researcher and Developer

Private Information

Place of birth: Kazakhstan, Almaty 

Citizenship: Kazakhstan

Date of birth: 23 September 1989

Contact phone: +79162877118



Bachelor degree in System Integration and Management

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT)

Education was focused in domain of physics, mathematics and courses of computer science. The final year of education I focused in Ontology Engineering, Models and methods of Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Machine Learning.

Diploma was devoted to research and development of geopolitical ontology of Russian Federation

GPA: 4.8/5.0


Master degree of Technical Enterpreneurship

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT)

Master degree was achieved in department of Technological Entrepreneurship of RUSNANO.
The mission of the master program was to achieve experience in development of technological business projects. Education included basic knowledge of business administration and software engineering.

Business related courses include Institutional Economics and Innovations, Mini-MBA for
Technological Entrepreneurs, Driving innovative products to market, Commercialization of results of scientific-research.

Business goal in the master program was research of market of e-learning of foreign languages.

In domain of technologies I focused in System Engineering, Computer Linguistics and Language Processing, Probabilistic Methods in Decision-Making, Game Theory and Reinforcement Learning.

My master thesis was “Client relationship management for case of foreign language learning service with personalized syllabus construction”

GPA: 4.2/5.0

Work experience

Sep 2018Now

Python Developer

Design and Development of Rule-Based Dialog Systems for consulting and personal assistance. Analysis of competitors dialog systems and DSLs for dialog construction. Requirements capturing, designing architecture of dialog systems, system integration of rule based components with machine learning components of project.

2016Jul 2018

Trading System Development, Portfolio Management Strategies Analysis


Development of a python framework for monitoring/running/backtesting automated trading strategies on cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin market analysis, strategies elaboration and testing.

Experience of design and development of the system for collecting financial data from different broker connectors (cryptocurrencies-related exchanges) to local Data Server, development of a components for real time trading and backtesting with historical data/generated data (Monte Carlo) and some data analysis components.

Have implemented Cross-Exchange Arbitrage strategy.

Currently I'm focused on design of a strategy for portfolio control optimization with use of technologies of Reinforcement Learning and Stochastic Analysis for cryptocurrencies markets.

Key technologies: python, django, pandas, celery, rabbitmq, pyplot, seaborn

May 2016May 2018

Natural Language Processing Data Scientist

Analysis and Development of information retrieval and analysis components for biomedical domain. Specifications elaboration and requirements capturing. Data Science tasks were  related to NLP (named entity recognition, relations extraction, neural networks integration, ontologies integration, graph construction and search). Implemented a component for extracting information from various web documents about entities,
classifier for detecting publications references, adapted and integrated named entity recognition component. Had implemented a component for processing weakly-structured HTML texts and extraction of an entity-related information. Had adapted bidirectional-LSTM neural network for named entity recognition (in scientific texts) for proprietary system.

Key technologies: python, nltk, pattern, beatifulsoup, sklearn, virtualenv, jupyter, networkx, mongoDB, OrientDB, Django

Dec 2015Mar 2016

Trading System Developer


Self education in areas of quantitative trading and investing, machine learning and artificial neural networks.

Development of open source project bfxtool (public version: for monitoring cryptocurrency market, backtesting and running automated trading strategies. Bitcoin market analysis and strategy testing. High-frequency trading strategy for cryptocurrency exchange with LSTM-neural network and reinforcement learning. 

Key technologies: python, django, pandas, numpy, keras

Oct 2012Sep 2015

Python backend developer and business analyst

Sermonis Inc

Startup: application for learning foreign languages on Android smartphones. Roles: backend developer (Key technologies: python, Django, git), business analyst (Key technologies: UML, requirements analysis). Designa and Developement of the component for rule based decision making in planning personalized learning course for students.


PHP Software Developer


Had experience in building several e-shops based on Joomla and Drupal. And small service for business cards generation. Key technologies: MySQL, PHP Yii Framework, JQuery, HTML, LaTeX, XML.

Nov 2010Jun 2011

PHP Software Developer

PHP and JavaScript developer for Key technologies: MySQL, PHP, JQuery, Smarty, HTML, Subversion.

Mar 2010Nov 2010

C++ software developer

Academical project

Graphical application for learning foreign words on linux written with C++ and Qt3 library.

Dec 2009Jan 2010

C++ software developer

Academical project

Academical project of writing C++ application for dynamic visualizing of functions of theory of complex analysis. Key technologies: C++, Qt3 library

Jan 2008May 2008

Analyst and Java software developer

Academical project

Development of Java application for modeling crowd people dynamics in public places for estimating efficiency of advertisement on walls of buildings

Programming skills

Primary skills: Python, Django, numpy, pandas, keras

Secondary skills: Octave (matlab); OWL, Protégé; Java; C++; MySQL; PHP; Git; UML

Growth Focuses

I have passion for adaptive systems and data analysis. I like computational linguistics (and learning languages) and dream to (co-)develop textual processing systems for decision-making/knowledge extraction. As well I have a great interest for financial analysis and dream to evolve own toy-project of portfolio management system into business.


  • Sport (athletics, swimming),
  • Drawing

Languages skills

Russian (native), English (fluent)

Some elementary knowledge of Portuguese, Kazakh, French, Spanish languages. Trying to learn Japanese.

School achievements

2007 3rd place in Almaty city Olympiad in Physics.

2007 Bronze medal in 3rd International Zhautykov Olympiad in Physics.