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AutoDesk Inventor
I acquired skills using AutoDesk Inventor, a 3D modeling program distributed by the same company as AutoCAD.  The similarities between the two programs made it easy to learn fast.
AutoCAD is the third modeling software program that I have mastered.  Like Solid Works, I have mastered AutoCAD's features and functions.  I took a class on AutoCAD while at Greenville Tech, and have used it extensively at my co-op.  
Solid Edge
I learned Solid Edge while co-oping.  Solid Edge works much like Solid Works as a 3D modeling program.  Although I have used it for less than one year, my knowledge of Solid Works has helped me quickly understand the program better and become proficient with it.  I have quickly become accustomed to its sheet metal programs as I use them every day while on co-op. 
Solid Works
I took a class for Solid Works while at Clemson, and have used it extensively both in class and out.  I also use it at my co-op.  I am very familiar with its functions. 
While at my co-op rotation with Cryovac,  I picked up basic metal arc welding a few hours a week.  I find welding to be a valuable trade, and will continue to sharpen my skills.

Awards & Activities

  • Salvation Army Volunteer 
  • Fall 2010SC Life Scholarship Recipient
  • Generous Gardens Volunteer, Spring 2012
  • ASME Member, Clemson Chapter

Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Mechanical Engineering Co-op


As a mechanical engineering co-op at Cryovac, I worked individually and with others to design, build, and maintain food packaging machines used all over the world.  During my first rotation, I familiarized myself with Cryovac's various programs, such as programs that track changes made to engineering drawings as well as the 2D and 3D modeling software used at Cryovac.  Most of the work I did was correcting errors with drawings, bills of materials, and parts not inventoried properly or missing from the drawings.  I had multiple design projects that I lead, as well.  These projects involved talking with our technicians in the field to understand what the problem was and what direction to take to arrive at a solution.  After understanding the problem, I collaborated with senior engineers to come up with a solution by modeling and prototyping it.  Finally, I implemented the solution and used feedback from the field technicians to make any last modifications before submitting the solution to Cryovac's secured vault programs that track the solution and use it for future machines.  

I have two more rotations left: the first will be the fall semester of 2014, and the second will be summer of 2015.

Aug 2013Present

Engineering Ambassador

Clemson University

As an Engineering Ambassador for the Clemson University College of Engineering and Science, I work with other Mechanical Engineering Ambassadors to give tours to rising college freshmen showing interest in a mechanical engineering degree from Clemson.  We guide the students and their families through the engineering facilities and classrooms on campus while also answering any questions they might have about Clemson.  At the end of the tours, we present a short presentation on some of the various aspects of engineering at Clemson, including co-op opportunities, clubs, and academics.

Mar 2008Dec 2013


Publix Super Markets

During my time at publix, I undertook several responsibilities.  My responsibilites included operating a cash register, expanding my product knowledge, and assisting other departments as needed.  The master goal during my employment with Publix was customer service.  Publix's reputation for customer service is second to none. I utilized these customer service techniques and skills to conduct daily business as well as train new associates on giving quality customer service to every customer.  I was one of few employees who received cross training in other departments including produce, grocery, and the meat department.  Management would rely on me to fill an absence in one of these departments if an associate was unable to make it to work.  

Important Documents


Aug 2012Present

Bachelor of Science

Clemson University

I intend to graduate in December 2015 with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on aerospace applications.  

Aug 2010May 2012

Transfer Program

Greenville Technical College