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ObjectiveTo become an internationally sought after creative director and brand builder by creating distinct  global advertising and marketing campaigns.SummaryWhat you see here is only a fraction of me. The best way to find out more about me , is to contact people I have worked with. These contacts are listed at the bottom of this page. To find out if I am suitable for your project you can contact me now directly at  [email protected]  Please include who recommended me to you and why you chose me. I am a "polycreative" with experience in film productions, documentaries,  corporate video ,  TV advertising , marketing, branding and much much more. My latest projects: Focus as Onehttp://www.focusasone.comSir Stelios award PrytoneWill be unveiled at the Economist Entrepreneurs Forum. I founded the Valentines Film Festival and helped organize the Cypriot Film Festival UK. (See work history)My films have been shown on television and at festivals worldwide . (See awards)  Work HistoryEngaged to PleasureDirector  Festival screenings 7    Official Selections 2Film Production: Attractive WomanDirector Festival Screenings 12   Official Selections 5   Awards 2    Museum Installations 2Documentary: Creativity in FilmDirector  Documentary: Dating in LondonAssistant Director  Escaping our MonochromeDirector Festival Screenings 6  Official Selections 2  Awards 2    Museum Installations 4Be Tall (Advert)Director P.A.M.E (corporate video )Director  Corporate video for leadership in a challenging environment. MSD Merck Pharmaceuticals (corporate video)Director   See  "The Challenge"People in Action (corporate video)Director  Corporate  training video for customer relationsCypriot film festivalMarketing  Helped in organizing and marketing the Cypriot film festival over two years. I  was also responsible for finding sponsorship opportunities within leisure and tourism.Scape 08Marketing  Created promotional media  before the event and documentary during the event.TMIMarketing  Created and implemented a marketing campaign for TMIValentines FestivalMarketing  Founded the Valentines festival.Led a team in charge of marketing the film festival itself and also promoted  several of its award winning films. Vineyard Film FestivalMarketing  Adverts for MTFN MediaAdverts: Eros ,Tombs of the Kings , Marble Clothes , Sunset Village (see showreels) Skills, Awards, Qualifications and Education Media ProductionFCP, Adobe premiere, Avid, Z1 HDV,  PD150 DV , A1E HDV,Macromedia Flash,  Fireworks,and  Dreamweaver,Game programming and interactivity using  Actionscript 2.0 and Java,FVIA  Degree (film video and interactive arts )  Won the Bronze prize at a pan Cypriot film competition, My Films were shown on SIGMA TV ( the most popular tv channel in cyprus) Helped create television programs for FRED TV OtherAdvanced Toastmaster's certificate  Rotary Public Speaking Anthony RobbinsBrand DNA  Cultivating CreativityTMI world congressFour A levelsContactsTom BurtonSimos PanayiPhidias PharaohHelen BendonAdam Etrington  Valentines Festival: Producer Tom BurtonValentines Festival TailerGlobal GrowthAbsurd Person Singular Babes in the WoodFiction showreel 08 09Advertising ShowreelFiction Showreel 07 08Growing Our Market Share