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I am a undergraduate chemist who is graduating in the summer of 2016 from Center College. My primary areas of interest are analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, and chemical informatics. I have research experience concerning both the development of educational web-apps, along with molecular genetics studies of zebrafish.



Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Centre College

I attended Centre all four years of my undergrad career. There I took 2 semesters of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry, and Biochemistry/Macromolecules. I have also taken classes within Physical Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and the Chemical Analysis of Paintings.

I have also taken several classes within the computer sciences, including Python programming, data structures, and algorithms. 

I currently maintain a 3.38 GPA

Honors-Dean's List

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Research Student

Centre College

Developing jQuery functions that allowed students to interact with an Organic Chemistry reactions memorization app. I also helped test several quiz applets within the Moodle course management system.

May 2014Aug 2014


University of Louisville

During my time at Louisville's KBRIN program, I was with the Morris lab at the University of Kentucky's campus. There, my research primarily concerned the immunology of zebrafish eyes in terms of the application to retinal degeneration in humans.


UV VIS Spectroscopy

I am trained to both acquire and interpret UV-VIS spectra. I was trained on a CARY 100 spectrometer.

IR Spectroscopy

I am trained for both Quantitative and Qualitative spectroscopy, I was trained using a Perkin-Elmer FTIR 100.

X-Ray Fluorescence

I have experience in Qualitative X-Ray Fluorescence, I am able to both acquire as well as interpret obtained spectra.


I am trained in High Performance Liquid Chromatography, I was trained on a Varian Pro-Star HPLC

NMR Spectroscopy

I am trained to perform both Carbon and Proton NMR spectroscopy. I was trained on a Bruker 300mhz spectrometer.

Java Programming

I am fluent within the Java language and with many data structures, I have created GUI based applications for Cheminformatics applications. My skills could be easily transferred to other applications for data visualization

Python Programming

I am extremely competent in the python programming language, I have done multiple projects within python, from sorting algorithms to arcade games.


I have created several websites that utilize both Javascript and the D3 data visualization language. These languages allow for clear interpretation of data with great interactivity.


ACS Chapter at Centre College - Secretary

Centre College Quiz Bowl- 2012-2015