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A position as a Graphic Designer, utilizing skills in design aesthetics and the programs involved to make visually appealing, yet professional materials for the business.


I am a driven Graphic Designer, who is adept at managing heavy workloads while focusing on designing creative, visually-appealing graphics. I have an efficient and practiced workflow that allows me to meet deadlines and quickly make complex changes. My skills range from vector-based designs for professional visual communications, to intricate illustrative designs.


Graphic Design

I am currently studying Graphic Design at Georgia Southern University, and have been for 3 years. I also have been self-teaching since 2007.

Design Programs (Adobe Creative Suite)

I have been using Adobe Creative programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effects and Premiere) since 2007. I am very familiar and skilled with these programs, and can use them in tandem for an efficient workflow.

Video Editing/Animation

I am skilled in using programs such as After Effects and Premiere Pro to edit videos, and to create videos from scratch that use bold and compelling graphics (such as kinetic typography). I am also skilled in the use of Cinema 4D, a program used for the creation of 3D graphics.

Professional Experience

Jun 2015May 2016

Design Editor

Georgia Southern University

From June 2015 to May 2016, I was the Design Editor for my university's media program. This is a paid position that involved a number of duties:

  • Designing layouts and graphics for various publication, especially for the front covers of those publications.
  • Teaching and guiding junior designers in the creation of compelling graphics and layouts
  • Collaborating with other departments (such as marketing, editorial) to deliver a consistent brand image and enhance readership.

Jan 2016April 2016

Chemistry Dept. Animator

Georgia Southern University

During this time period, I was paid to create two animations that would be used to educate students in various chemistry principles. I combined the use of 3D animation and mathematical expressions to create videos that were both visually interesting and educational.

Jan 2015May 2015

Section Designer

Georgia Southern University

During my time as a section designer, My main responsibility was to design the pages of the news section in the university's newspaper. My duties also involved designing parts of various school publications, alongside other designers.


Freelance Design Work


I have done independent design work for various clients such as:

  • A paid Logo design job for Georgia Southern's music department.
  • Teaching lessons on using Adobe programs to a sports videographer.
  • Spending a period of months designing various materials (logos, clothing designs, website graphics) for the owner of a small business


Aug 2012Present

B.A. in Graphic Design

Georgia Southern University

-Spent over a year and a half in Student Media organization

-Graduated with 3.34 GPA

May 2010Apr 2012

A.A. in Communications

Georgia Military College

I began college here after high school to complete core classes and transfer the credits to a university.