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  • North Bay, ON
  • 613-218-0784

Alexander P. Maczka


  • Highly Productive and Reliable in Any Situation at Any Given Time
  • Clear and Skilled in Communication, Organization, and Relay of Concise Information
  • Quick to Learn and Adapt to New Organizational Structures, Policies, and Statutes of Employment
  • Experience and High Performance Within Stressful Culinary Environments
  • Experience and High Performance Within Team-Based Culinary Environments
  • Excellent Time Management and Planning Skills
  • Elementary Knowledge of Basic Programming Languages and Home/Office Internet Networking
  • High Task Salience


  • Clear and Concise Communication
  • Experience and Strong Performance in Food Preparation in Fast Paced Culinary Environments
  • Experience and Strong Performance in Maintenance in Fast Paced Culinary Environments, Residences, and Establishments
  • Elementary Knowledge of Establishing Home/Office Internet Networks
  • Elementary Knowledge of Java Programming Language
  • Elementary Knowledge of Python Programming Language
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Proficiency in Customer Service and Presentation



University of Ottawa

Ottawa, ON

Joint Honours Baccalaureate in Social Sciences - Specialization in Economics & Political Science 


West Ferris Secondary School

North Bay, ON

Graduated with Honours and Received an Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Work History

May 2016Present

Customer Service Representative

Mac's Convenience Stores

-Currently employed as a cashier, night-hours custodian, and general customer service representative,  Main duties involve customer service including handling tobacco products & identification checks, equipment and food product quality checks

-Serviced and maintained CSR area, ensured all customers were greeted in a cordial and professional manner, and made sure that all bylaws and Federal laws regarding Federal identification regulation were adhered to as necessary.

-Responsible for sanitization, waste regulation, and generalized habilitation of the workplace. Aided in establishing the workplace as a friendly, professional, and efficient entity.

-Responsible for closing at night, reporting equipment malfunctions and defects, and other faculties during closing examinations

-Responsible for comprehending and analyzing service interactions to facilitate greater benefits towards the franchise location and overall industry.


Linecook and General Staff Member

McDonaldsⓇ Canada
  • Employed as an assembly line cook and general franchise staff member. Performed quality checks and organizational preparation for service hours thereby reducing service times and increasing quality and efficient preparation speed of generated food products.
  • Serviced and maintained dining area, ensuring the floor and all surfaces were properly cleaned and sanitized, waste was appropriately disposed of, and that customers were receiving a pleasurable dining experience therefore resulting in creating a better overall visit at the location.
  • Responsible for closing at night and reporting defects or malfunctions in equipment during required closing examinations.
  • Responsible for ensuring procedure was followed properly by fellow crew members.
  • Responsible for comprehending and analyzing restaurant interactions to facilitate greater benefits towards the franchise location and overall industry.

Provisional Housekeeping Attendant

Walter and Barbara Gawlik 
  • Maintained property and ensured continued functioning of household appliances and utility apparatuses on and within a familial acquaintance's residency in Sundridge, Ontario.
  • Ensured that lawns were kept cut and neat, that walls were painted, that appliances were functioning, ensured the proper functioning of the electrical and plumbing apparatuses, ensured that the building maintained integrity, and held communications and reviews with the property owners regularly

  Awards & Scholarships

Sep 2015

University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

University of Ottawa

Entrance Scholarship Awarded for Achieving an Average of 90% at West Ferris Secondary School

Jun 2015

O'Hallarn History Award

West Ferris Secondary School History Department

High School Graduation Award for Achieving the Highest Mark in History Courses

Sep 2013

McDonaldsⓇ Canada Spatula Award

McDonaldsⓇ Canada

Management Appointed Award for Illustration of High Performance as a Linecook

  Extracurricular Activities

  • DECA (2015)

      Presented Numerous Business Proposals to a Platform of Judges

  • Robotics (2015)

      Worked on circuitry and design of a robot

   Interests & Hobbies

  • Autodidactism Regarding Economics and International Relations
  • Literature
  • Weight Training


  • Available Upon Request