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2116 Lime Rock Court

El Cajon, CA 92019

(619) 441-1421 Home

(619) 792-9263 Cell

[email protected]


My goal is to further my knowledge of and continue my work in the music industry. I have been passionate about music since I was 11 years old. I have two businesses that I started. Both of these businesses revolve around music. My plan is to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Industry and Recording Technology. I want to attend either New York University, Drexel University, or University of Colorado at Denver because these universities have excellent Music Industry programs. These universities also require and provide opportunities to work in internships where I would continue to get hands-on experience as well as the ability to make important contacts for my future. I am passionate about music and theory  since it has such a wide range. I also feel that the experiences that I have and my passion for music and creativity are a part of the diversity that I will be able to offer these universities and be able to share with my fellow students. In addition to my love of music (listening, performing, producing), I also enjoy golf, hiking, traveling, politics and current events.


Sep 2012Jun 2016

Valhalla High School 

GPA: Will post after 6/2015 grades are recorded

Rank: Will post after 6/2015 grades are recorded

ACT Score: Exam Date 6/2015

12th - AP Government, English, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, Honors Choir

11th - AP U.S. History, AP Language, AP Biology, Pre-Calculus, Spanish 3 & 4, Honors Choir

10th - World History, English, Chemistry, Algebra II, Spanish 1 & 2

  9th - Pre-AP World History, Honors English, Honors Geometry, Biology, Guitar, P.E.

Extra-curricular Activities

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th – Valhalla High School Golf Team

Varsity Team – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

2013 Freshman Player of the Year

Team competes in CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) Matches

Team won League 2015

11th, 12th – Honors Choir

Position – Bass

An audition is required to be a member of the Honors Choir. We sing various pieces ranging from the Renaissance Time Period to Modern Day Pop Music.

11th, 12th – Valhalla Key Club


Members are given opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

12th – Ping-Pong Club

President – Started a new club at Valhalla High School

Purpose is to promote a healthy atmosphere among students with similar interests that include having fun and playing Ping-Pong.

10th - The Assembly Committee


The purpose of the Assembly Committee is to encourage relationships with students countywide. Members attend events for students from all over the county to meet and interact with one another and learn about the diversity in our world beginning with our own county.

Interests and Community Service

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th - Present – France Sound Studios

Business Owner – Record/Edit/Produce Music

Record, edit and produce music for clients.

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th - Present  – Alex France Video and Music Editing Business

Business Owner –Videographer/Video Editor/Film Scoring

Film students’ projects, edit the videos and add music to the videos.

11th, 12th – Animal Shelter Volunteer

Volunteer at Barks-a-Lot Animal Shelter - 486 Raleigh Ave., El Cajon, CA 92019

Help and rescue animals from high kill shelters in Mexico and around the U.S.

Work experience

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Accounting Clerk

Associated Professional Services

Calculate various statistics for multiple clients (homeowners associations) of company.

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Office Assistant

Associated Professional Services

File checks and invoices received into appropriate homeowners associations' files.


Alex France


English 1

College Personal Essay

As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the feeling of satisfaction you receive after creating something great. Whether it was with Legos, a picture hand-drawn with crayons or writing a story, I couldn't get enough. Then one day, I discovered something life changing. While surfing the Internet I discovered a program that seemed intriguing, a program that could allow me to create. After having done some more research on the program, I was very curious of its capabilities and decided to try it out for myself. What I didn't know at the time was that I had just discovered the most impactful and vital passage to who I would become today.

The production of electronic music was the purpose of the program, but yet it permitted me so much more. It allowed me to create all sorts of music with no boundaries, but more importantly, it allowed me to be creative, it allowed me to express myself. At the age of 11, I was devoted to producing music. Over time I explored the many different possibilities that the program offered, trying new genres and styles of music. At first the program’s complexity hindered my hopes, but the rewarding possibilities prompted me to stick to it and piece it together day by day.

Throughout the course of my middle school and high school career, I developed more musical knowledge and skills. People soon began to familiarize themselves with what I did and approached me with questions and business propositions. Collaborating with local artists enabled me to visualize what it would be like to work in the music industry while also being able to obtain long-term friends and contacts. When I first began, I only had a family computer to produce music on. I slowly gained more equipment over the years such as a microphone, honest sounding speakers, and a keyboard for ease of composing.

In my freshman year I met someone who would really accelerate my vocation in the music business. He was vastly interested in the music industry and what I did. Overhearing what I did from some friends, he approached me with many questions. By the end of that year, I had taught him a considerable amount of music knowledge, sparking his dedication and the beginning of a journey that I had just started a few years prior.

He and I combined our skills over sophomore and junior year and produced countless tracks together. We posted instrumental tracks online that we created and showed up with various customers. This success gave my friend and me a business idea. Since I was very experienced in mixing and had a quality-sounding microphone, we realized we could provide a service to local artists who are in need of studio time. My friend helps bring in customers while I do the mixing and collaborating in the studio with the artists.

With the competence I have acquired, I want to further my knowledge of the music industry. My plan is to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Industry and Recording Technology. The Music Industry Program that this University has to offer is exactly what I’m looking for. The rigorous courses, co-op opportunities, diversity of students and school spirit that the University has are all a part of what I am looking for. I also feel that the experiences that I have and my passion for music and creativity are a part of the diversity that I will be able to offer the University and share with my fellow students.

Parent Brag Sheet

  1.  What do you consider to be the outstanding accomplishments of your child during the past three or four years?  Why did you select these as the most important?

  • Learning to play golf and joining the golf team. He practices all the time. His coaches even selected him as Freshman Player of the Year. He is always trying to improve his game. He takes lessons, puts time in practicing and plays as much as he can. He is also very much a team player, interacting with his fellow teammates and working with them to be happy, confident individuals in life and bring cohesiveness to the team as teammates.

  • Starting his own business. Alex is very driven. He is very successful. He is confident in what he wants do for a career and what path he needs to take to achieve that goal. He loves music and being creative in life. His desire to be a music producer has him planning out the steps he needs to take to accomplish this goal. For a young person to put these plans and steps into action is quite an accomplishment. He approached us about converting a room into a music studio so that he can start his own business. He asked us questions about what it entails to start his own business. He formed a business plan and put it into action. He has learned and continues to learn what the pros and cons are of owning a business.

  • Another outstanding accomplishment of his is learning about time management and learning to handle the anxiety that a person feels when there is so much to be accomplished and so little time. Over the course of his high school career he has developed excellent time management skills. He somehow manages to fit in schoolwork, golf, his business, helping others including volunteering at an animal shelter and fitting in some downtime from all of these endeavors for his own music creativity.

  • Probably one of the most important accomplishments that Alex has achieved is learning that he doesn’t have to do everything on his own and that besides helping others it is okay to ask for help for himself.

  • I selected these accomplishments as the most important because they are so much of what makes Alex who he is. His creativity, his competitive, athletic personality, his learning to deal with anxiety when trying to accomplish so much. These accomplishments are Alex every single day.

  1.  In what areas has your child shown the most development and growth during the past three to four years? See #1.

  1.  What do you consider to be his/her outstanding personality traits?

  • Alex is very caring. He is always learning about the world around him and its diversity. He is trying to make the world a better place by helping people, animals and the environment. He is very conscious of the toll that humanity takes on the environment. One of many ways that he helps the environment is by striving to keep his and our footprint to a minimum. He is always helping our neighbors and the animals in our neighborhood and not just on our cul de sac but in the surrounding neighborhood. He also volunteers at a local animal shelter.

  • Alex has very high morals. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by peer pressure. In fact, he lets his peers know what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. He isn’t swayed by others. He has a core philosophy and sticks to it. He is open to change but if he feels the change doesn’t have a positive value, he won’t follow along.

  • Alex is very focused. He sets his goals and he works or plays hard at these goals. He wants to better himself and the world around him. If there is something that he wants to know or do, he will research it and formulate a plan and put it into action. He amazes others that he doesn’t give up on things. If something turns out to be harder than anticipated, he just works harder.

  1.  What are the best five adjectives that describe your son/daughter?

  • Smart
  • Caring/Kind
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Athletic

  1.  Are there any unusual or personal circumstances that have affected your child’s educational experience?

Twice during Alex’s upbringing Tim (Dad) was away for several months due to his work. When he was younger he took it in stride and spoke with Dad everyday on the phone. The second time that Dad was gone was Alex’s entire Freshman year at Valhalla. The transition to high school might have been made easier if Dad had been here that year. It sure felt great for everyone, including Dad, to have him back home again. We are very fortunate because military families have to go through these experiences over and over again.

Parent(s) name___________________________Signature_______________________

Child’s name __________________________________

Personal Profile

Complete the statements below to help me write your college letter of recommendation.


  1. The three qualities you like best about yourself are…

Moral, aware, and genuine/generous to those who are deserving of.

  1. The accomplishments you are most proud of are…

Learning to be a good person and productive member of society.

  1. The outside of school activity that has been most rewarding for you is....because....

Music producer/engineer because it has gained me many contacts and collaboration who I am now good friends with.


  1. What is your greatest area of weakness, and why?

Not taking advantage of situations in which I would ultimately benefit from yet feel guilty about.


  1. Are there any “extenuating circumstances” that I should include in the recommendation? For example: difficult adjustment to high school; family structure change; illness or other personal issues, etc.

Blessed to raised in a loving environment with a stable and functional family.


  1. Right now, what are your top priorities?


Music, morals, and bettering myself.

  1. What statement summarizes your personal philosophy of life?

Place myself in others shoes and good thing comes to those who are patient and genuine.

  1. What are your career goals or areas of interest?

Music, to be great what I do.


  1. If you work, where are you employed and how many hours per week do you work? What do you like best and least about your job?

I charge local artists money for recording sessions on my weekends. Around 2-4 hours per weekend. I like that I get paid for what I love to do, but I do not like how most of the artists who come in are related to only one genre.


  1. Use this remaining space to relate a specific event that affected you in some way (socially, physically, emotionally, or spiritually). The event you choose and the effect it had on you should give me some insight about you.


The moment I realized I was not happy with who I was, so I decided to start a journey to better myself.

Quote: "Keep your head up" - Cade Baker