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Cover letter

My name is Alexander Cherushnikov. I have been working as an iOS developer for 5 years now. Among the companies I worked for were Handsome, LLC (American division in Russia) and one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in Russia -

Besides that I have 2 year experience of front-end development.

Now I am a lead mobile software engineer at We develop the main IOS application of the bank - “Sberbank Online”. Our development team consists of around 100 engineers working on one mobile application. I am a product owner at iOS Platform engineering team. We build module architecture for independent development and deploy (module architecture, migration from mono-repository to multi-repository), make tools for our feature teams so they can provide a high quality and a great level of permanence of application release. We have created the most of the development process, the base of it such as Code Review, DevOps, Guides, Testing (unit and ui), and HR process (hiring of engineers, performance review). 

Besides I teach students in our corporate developers school. This year we had 2 groups of students, 20 people in each of them. In my spare time I like taking part in mobile developers conferences, for the past year I participated as a speaker twice (one my speech was about our module architecture, another one was about ui testing). Here is a link to the video with my speech -

I am also planning on taking part in the local Team Leads conference this month with a speech about performance review.

Work experience

Oct 2016Present

Lead iOS engineer, Product Owner at iOS Platform Team


Developing the main iOS application Sberbank Online (9 m active users per month)

Oct 2014Oct 2016

iOS developer

Developing and supporting iOS application for on of the biggest e-commerce business in Russia. During last year working in Ozon  I created full iPad version, implemented new design in private account, orders, home screen and others, implemented feature called "Scan It" which scans barcode of any goods  in offline store and finds it in This feature received Runet Award in 2015.

Dec 2013Present

iOS developer


I developed 6 own apps. The latest is an alarm in metro. It's called InTime. The main feature is a possibility to find shortest way in metro and switch on the alarm which wakes you up in a certain amount of time. Another app is a simple grammar checker with possibility to add favorite words and share them. Other apps are listed below.

Apr 2014Sep 2014

iOS developer

Handsome, LLC

I developed and supported a few mobile applications, main of them are "Sparksfly" and "Known".  Sparksfly is an aggregator of newslines from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, Twitter. Known is an application which helps users to find new professional connections and chat with them. It is based on LinkedIn. The app has amazing animation.

Aug 2012Apr 2014

Front-end developer

oDesk Freelancer

Sep 2011Aug 2012

Front-end developer


Activities and responsibilities: The development of difficult interfaces, upgrading current projects, developing for mobile devices, teamwork.



Sep 2007Jul 2012


Omsk State Technical University

Engineer of refrigerating and vacuum machine