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I am keen to start a career in science and would like to be considered for a position in your establishment. I am confident that my skills and qualities will be beneficial to your company and its aims. I have demonstrated good communication and team work skills both in my past and current working experiences. I am respectful encouraging and never complacent. 



Bachelor of Science

The University of Salford

BSc Pharmaceutical Science (Hons)

Year 1:

Biological Chemistry


Organic Chemistry

Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Skills

Year 2:

Clinical and Molecular Genetics

Biochemical/Pharmaceutical Research Skills

Genomics and Proteomics

Pharmaceutical Science

Molecular Strucure Determination

Year 3:

Drug Synthesis

Biochemistry of Drugs and Diseases

Science and Industry

Research Project: Electrophilic aromatic substitution of silylated meta aromatics


A Levels

St Bedes

Biology : B, Chemistry : C, English Language :C


GCSE's (A*-C)

St Bedes

Biology- B


English Language - A

English Literature- B

French - B

Geography- B



Religious Studies- A*

Work experience


Senior sales assistant / Stock room assistant

JD Sports

This experience has taught me the importance of face-to-face customer service and good communicational skills. Working in the stock room and delivery has helped me to work efficiently in order to get tasks completed before deadlines. The shop floor has taught me to work well as a team and use my initiative effectively in challenging situations especially during public holidays.


Apr 20102012

Telemarketing  & Customer Service


This job required me to contact current and potential customers for a telecommunication company.  I had explain services and potential savings available to customers by creating interest in the products we provided. This was a fas paced target driven job which taught me to be more enthusiastic, hard working and organised.



Lindley Catering

My responsibilities were to serve food to home and away fans at the Etihad stadium. I also had to carry out stock checks before and after each shift. This experience taught me to be very patient in a fast paced environment. 


Podiatry Assistant


During my school placement at a podiatry clinic I had to help to treat patients, answer calls on behalf of the podiatrist, carry out stock checks and sanitise medical equipment.The clinic was located in a diverse urban area so communication skills were vital this showed me the importance of communication. From this experience I learnt to communicate with different patients many of which spoke very little English. I also learnt some vital IT skills as the patients required prescriptions and had to be registered in and out of the clinic.


Work Adaptability

My work experiences have taught me to expect surprises  and unexpected job roles. This has helped me to anticipate changes and embrace new job challenges.

Cooperation & Teamwork

I have successfully undertaken various team projects within both academic and non-academic environments. 

Computer Literate

Ability to use computer technology and software  MS word excel as well as genomics  software Maxquant. I also have experience working with analytical platforms such as ;SPE, HPLC, GCMS, FTIR, ELISA and gel electrophoresis.


Oral written and electronic communication skills have been strengthened through presentations during the course as well as dealing with customers on a daily basis. 

Problem Solving & Organisation

My studies and work constantly reinforce my problem solving skills through analytical assessments and online problem solving.


Researched papers from scientific journals and online from websites Pubmed -NCBI