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I am a techie and a musician.

Professionally I'm a self going autodidact that is passionately in love with technology. Ask me about languages, paradigms, design patterns, methodologies and symbiotic teams - the pillars of our trade. I'm sure we'll have a good chat.

I have worked with electronics -, hardware -, system -, software -, database -, game -, and interaction design and development. 

Code samples and pet projects:

Work experience

Jan 2015Present



In the prototyping phase I made the hardware, the firmware, the cloudware, the frontend and the apps. Since then I've been responsible for guiding two teams to help me get the proof of concept ready as a viable product.

Jul 2017Present


BitWave AS

We provide services for hardware, software and audio engineering. From prototype to production. From apps to internet of things. From demo to album or live concert.

Jan 2018Jul 2019


Buskerud Folkehøgskole

I taught a course called Creative Gaming where we investigated all parts that constitutes a game. From design to programming, music and even cosplay! 

Nov 2015May 2016

API Design Consultant

Arduino SRL

I worked with Arduino on setting up team communication tools, and write libraries and hardware abstraction layers to implement the Wiring Framework.

Jan 2011Nov 2015

Lead Library Developer


Lead library developer for the open source initiative that gave birth to the Arduino.

Dec 2010Dec 2014

System Architect

Attensi AS

As the first employee of this 3D simulation based training startup, I had to be in control and on top of everything from Linux setup and SQL, backend to frontend and Unity 3d game programming. I remained the sole maintainer of our web portal, until I helped train my substitutes during my last month of work.

The architecture I designed is still in use and still maintainable.



Enterprise Systems Architecture (MSc courses passed, no thesis)

Brunel University London

I got in to a masters programme through NITH/Brunel but I had to choose where to invest my time. I never regretted the decision to start full time with Attensi AS, and I'm proud of the architecture that is in place at Attensi thanks - in part - to the knowledge from these courses.


Bachelor of Computer Science

NITH (currently Westerdals)

I attended the Game Programming class at NITH with an Artificial Intelligence major.

Unordered Language and Framework Listing

  • EMBEDDED - C, C++17. Assembly, gcc, keil and arduino/wiring
  • .NET - C#, WebAPI, MVC, EntityFramework, NancyFX
  • WEB - HTML5, CSS3/SASS/SCSS, JavaScript (the good parts) / CoffeeScript
  • MEANMongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
  • SCRIPTING - Python, Lua, Perl, PHP, Prolog and more
  • FUNCTIONAL- lisp, F#, Clojure, JS and C#
  • LIBRARIES - ImGUI, STL, SDL, OpenGL, Boost, OpenCV, CUDA, Thrust, TensorFlow

My favorite languages are C++, C# and JavaScript. My colleagues often point out I have a functional approach to my algorithms and code style.

Unordered Tools Listing

  • IDE - Visual Studio, VS Code, Vim, Atom, numerous proprietary toolchains
  • 3D - Unity 3D, Blender, Autodesk Fusion 360
  • DESIGN - Adobe package
  • OS & VIRTUALIZATION - Windows, Arch Linux, VirtualBox, Docker, Vagrant
  • ELECTRONICS DESIGN - KiCAD, Altium Designer, DipTrace, Eagle CAD
  • PROTOTYPING - LT-SPICE, Cura, Ultimaker 2

There's usually a tool that's best for the job. I have no prestige in using any tool as a hammer for everything. Sometimes a needle is what you need.

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