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Alex De Kweldju

Lecturer at State University of Papua


Work experience


head of department

university computer department
Dec 2008Present


State University of Papua
Jul 2002Sep 2005

Electronic Data Processing Staff

PT. Armada Tunasjaya


Web Developing
Delphi Programming

Courses Taught

List of my courses I taught at State University of Papua

  • Introduction to Computer Science (Fall 2008, 2009, 2010)

The introduction course about computer science at glance.

  • Algorithm and Programming I (Fall 2009, 2010)

Basic course for algorithm, flowchart and programming.

  • Algorithm and Programming II (Spring 2009, 2010)

Intermediate course to implement programming with more complex code.

  • Database I (Spring 2010)

Introduce to database, including creating and manipulating.

  • Object Oriented Programming (Fall 2009, 2010)

Using Java language to create object oriented program.

  • Visual Programming (Fall 2010)

Programming with visual language such as Delphi or Visual Basic.

  • Networking I (Fall 2010)
  • Computer Ethic (Spring 2010)
  • wireless network(blendedlearningclass)
  • applied database(blended learning class)

Give additional knowledge about computer usage relationship with society.