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Alex Simon

T-Mobile Retail Sales Associate Resume

Work experience



Union Electric, LLC
  • Assisting electricians  in the field.
  • Loading Trucks
  • Inventory Control
  • Cleaning of Job Sites
  • Cleaning of Warehouse



Bachelors in Computer Science

Harford Community College

Working towards a Bachelors in Computer Science, my goal would be to transfer over to Carnegie Mellon University.


High School Deploma

Harford Community College

Passed all 4 parts of the GED test in Maryland to earn my High School Deploma.

  • Mathematical Reasoning - 159
  • RLA - 154
  • Science -154
  • Social Studies - 156



The ability to sell phones in a friendly professional manner.

  • Friendly
  • Always up to date on latest phone news
  • Can recommend different phones in an unbiased way
  • Ability to operate a computer to make sales
  • Can recommend different phone accessories

Advanced knowledge of phones and computers 

  • Always up to date on latest news on phones and computers.
  • Advanced knowledge of Spec terms.
  • Knowledge of different Android devices.
  • Knowledge of Internet Safety
  • Knowledge of Developer Options in Android and what each does.
  • Knowledge of manual updates on Android, I.E ADB
  • Knowledge of different hardware problems, I.E dead pixels, ghosting.
  • Knowledge of file systems on both Android and PC
  • Knowledge of apps and games that enhance the users experience.

The ability to operate phones and computers at an advanced level.

  • Basics of operating Android OS
  • Advanced operation of Android OS
  • The ability to use different Android devices with ease.
  • The ability to customize devices with ease for customers, to suit their personal preferences, as well as keep the devices as simple as possible for them to use.
  • Ability to keep even the slowest of Androids running smoothly
  • Ability to use commands in ADB
  • Ability to manually get rid of viruses on Windows PCs without the need for protection programs
  • Ability to keep Windows PCs up and running smoothly
  • Ability to get around a file system in both Android and PC