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Alex Pearson

Position Applied For: Maintenance Technician


Scrap Metal Removal and Odd Jobs

Pearson/ Gagne Scrap Removal, Watertown SD. 
  • Removed scrap metal off peoples property
  • Completed odd jobs such as mowing and weed eating
  •  Completed some minor carpentry such as shingling and siding. 

Cabinet Making Tech

* Northeast Technical High School, Watertown SD. 
  • Learned how to use all the tools necessary for cabinet making.
  • Built Cabinets, Tables, and Night Stands 
  • Learned how to stain, paint, and finish wooden fixtures

Machine Tool Tech 

* Northeast Technical High School, Watertown SD.
  • Learned Basic and Extensive use of a Lathe 
  • Learned Basic and Extensive use of a Mill 
  • Learned Basic programming of CNC Machines 

Building Trades Tech 

* Northeast technical High School, Watertown SD.
  • Was taut how to plumb and everything that goes with it such as soldering and angles of drainage pipes and most of the codes for installation.
  • Learned how to cut sheet-rock and put it up properly. installed it completely in a house my class had built.
  • Learned the basics of wiring and codes and standards of installation.
  • In the class the projects of the year were building a full size house for the superintendent of Watertown High School and building a playhouse to be raffled off as a fundraiser for the school. 



High School Diploma 

Castlewood High School, Castlewood SD.

Extra Curricular

Was a Wrestler in Junior High for the Watertown Booster Club. Also wrestled for my elementary school in 6th grade. 
Played football in junior high and senior year of high school, was more focused on social life and not liking the schools football coach or program.


Aug 2009May 2010


Physical Education Teacher 
Learned CPR in junior high physical education and payed to do the certification test 


Debra Gagne/ Scrap Metal Removal

Managed all of the phone calls and jobs for my scrap metal removal service and i did many jobs for her personally. 

Chad Flemming/ Building Trades Instructor  

Teaches basic carpentry and extensive at Northeastern Technical High School also owns Ultimate Construction Inc. out of Watertown SD.