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Hello, I am Alex Opoka. Welcome to my ePortfolio. Please feel free to browse through my ePortfolio, within there is my resume and cover letter. Attached below as well are my accomplishments, skills, attributes and other documents. I am grateful to share this with you.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

I am a hard working, courageous man that cares about the safety and security of our nation. My mission is to act with humanity while enforcing laws and decreasing criminal activity; protecting citizens to create a safer and more peaceful community. To build and grow upon communities

Vision Statement:

I want to create a safe place for future generations. I want to use innovation to create communities that will be free of discrimination and that supports equality, promotes respect and thrives on teamwork and dedication.

Value Statement:

I value honesty, loyalty, and respect. I also value having safe, peaceful, positive environments that value differences, and act with respect, and promote a non-toxic world.


Short Term Goals

  •  I would like to complete my diploma within the Criminal justice program  by December, 2016
  •  I would like to work at a place that is associated with the public safety field to gain more experiences  
  •  I would like to attend and volunteer in  community events  to gain more knowledge about different cultures.

Long Term Goals

  •  I would like to get a stable job within the law enforcement field that would secure my future
  •  I would like to own a house, get married, and have a family of my own
  •  I would like to help my village in Uganda build better education and aid in building a stronger community

Cover Letter & Resume


Jan 2014Dec 2016

Diploma of Criminal Justice - Policing

Lethbridge School of Justice 
Sep 2009Jun 2012

High School Diploma

Queen Elizabeth High School

Work experience

Apr 2015Aug 2015


Rulam Contracting 
  • Secured work area for safety of pedestrians
  • Worked independently
  • Controlled traffic
  • Secured wet concrete
  • Cleaned all construction areas to avoid hazards
  • Used a pick and shovel to dig, spread and level dirt and gravel
  • Assisted skilled worker in grading holes

Shipping and Receiving

Portside Warehouse
  • Loaded materials in trailers/trucks with forklift, propane forklift, and power jack

  • Materials handling

  • Quality control

  • Enforced rules and regulations

  • Assigned positions for new employees

  • Participated in developing new policies and procedure.

  • Unloaded, picked, staged and loaded products for shipping.

  • Worked at a rapid pace to meet tight deadlines.


Bronx Bowl Employee

Bronx  Bowl 
  • Helped customers with their needs

  • Maintained lanes

  • Enforced rules and regulations for customers of all ages

  • Participated in developing safe environments for customers

  • Answered customers’ questions and addressed problems and complaints in person and via


  • Built and maintained effective relationships with peers and upper management

Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteering to help Lethbridge College Student Association promote community connectedness 
  • Volunteered at school for ''Open House'' event
  • Volunteered at Edmonton Delwood community fall Festival
  • Volunteered as an assistant coach at Queen Elizabeth high school for both Boys and Girls soccer Team.
  • Volunteered with Lethbridge college Kodiaks soccer team to coach children under the age of 8
  • Volunteered at a community fundraiser as a security guard
  • Volunteered as a cook for a community BBQ event
  • Volunteered as community event organizer for the Acholi community in Edmonton



I have participated in multiple sports teams, and in order to get the work done, teamwork is the key. I have used teamwork through my work, family, friends, school, and in the field.

Patience with all kind of individuals

 treat all people equally and response to their concerns in professional manner


Listening to supervisors and complying with their concerns

Customer Service

Interacted with customers, answered customers questions and dealt with their concerns. 

physically fit

Plays college level soccer, workout weekly, go for a hike in summer


  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Accountable
  • trustworthy



Fiore Lamanna            James MacMillan                   Michael Racz             Todd Caughlin

Project Manager          Warehouse Manager               LC Soccer Coach         Athletics Manager

Edmonton, AB             Edmonton, AB                            Lethbridge, AB             Lethbridge, AB

780 777 4427                780 699 3633                               403 393 7358               403 317 3736

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