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Ruby Mentor. Lead QA Automation Engineer. Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
Great experience in Ruby, Webdriver, Cucumber and Rspec technologies.

As a QA Automation Engineer, I do my best to provide to customers a product with the perfect quality for more than 10 years. I am focused to think as a client to observe what exactly they expect from a product. I have been an essential part of the best developer teams such as Toptal and Upwork. We delivered 100% tested and consistent code quality. Based on my strong Ruby skills I have been providing architect solutions to our test frameworks permanently.

As a Ruby mentor, I share my passion and knowledge with everyone who is interested to learn this great and human-oriented language. To be successful in Ruby, you need to know its deep object model and feel confident in the world of meta-programming magic. Last years, I brought Ruby light to 5 different groups of students and I am not going to stop doing this.

Also, I am an activist and I believe in an equality for everyone. I always try to popularize these values in companies where I work. I realized that most successful developer teams are managed by horizontal principles. Another important point for me is an ability to work in a company that creates useful and ethical things (and that's the reason I don't see myself in an advertisement, military sector etc).

Work experience


Lead QA Automation Engineer



  • Analyze of business expectations
  • Transforming business requirements into user stories and cucumber scenarios
  • Provide a quality expertise for newcoming features
  • Designing and maintaining of business test framework


  • Ruby stack: Ruby on Rails, Rspec, Cucumber, Watir, Webdriver, FactoryBot, VCR.
  • DB: Postgress.
  • CI: Jenkins
  • Other: JIRA

      QA Automation Architect

      • development of an end-to-end test framework for Couchsurfing web app;
      • training QA Engineers, conducting lessons about Automation and Ruby;

      QA Automation Architect

      Dinghy (Upwork project)
      • development of an end-to-end test framework for getdinghy web app;

      Lead Automation Engineer

      Tech Team Labs | KEYPR


      • build and maintain a cross-platformed end-to-end test framework for KEYPR mobile apps from the scratch;
      • maintain and extend custom API test framework to cover the core of KEYPR microservices system.


      • Ruby stack: Cucumber, Watir, Webdriver, Calabash, Appium, Fastline
      • Java stack: Java, Groovy
      • CI: Jenkins
      • Other: JSON API

      Lead Automation QA Engineer

      AgileEngine | CourseMaven project


      • build and maintain js end-to-end test environment based on Protractor framework in Angular app;
      • build and maintain ruby api test environment based on Rack::Test framework in Rails app;
      • set up Travis CI service for testing and tracking rubocop offenses;
      • manage test data by Fabrication objects;
      • update workflow model (simplify gitflow process, enable protected brunches and CI builds, initiate Agile practices such a retros, plannings and so on);
      • fix bugs in Rails app.


      • Ruby stack: Ruby on Rails, Grape, Fabrication, Rspec, Rack::Test.
      • JS stack: Protractor, Node, ES2016.
      • DB: Postgress.
      • CI: Travis.

      Senior QA Automation Engineer



      Performing test automation utilizing testing tools such as cucumber, rspec, watir-selenium-webdriver, watirsome in top-professional and effective Scrum/Kanban team.

      Implementation of a complex fabrication system for end-to-end testing to reflect the way of app data creation as sequences of user actions in real app.


      • Ruby stack: Ruby on Rails, FactoryGirl, Rspec, Cucumber, Watir, Webdriver, VCR.
      • DB: Postgress.
      • CI: Jenkins.

      QA engineer / Automated test developer


      Responsibilities: Development of the autotesting framework based on ruby, watir and cucumber technologies. Writing and maintaining test scripts for checking adyax websites.

      Technologies: Ruby, Cucumber, Watir, Webdriver.


      QA engineer / Automated test developer

      Upwork (former oDesk)


      • Writing scripts for autotesting
      • Maintenance of autotests
      • Regression and functional testing.

      Technologies: TestComplate (2008-2011), ruby+webdriver (2011-2013)


      Software developer / Tech Support / Executive



      • Customer requests analysis, software architecture reviewing, software development, database reconstructing.
      • Processing support requests for problems, assistance in resolving issues.
      • Maintaining cash terminals.


      Lecture «Ruby in general» (russian)

      Quick view on Ruby as a programming language and a little bit of metaprogramming.

      Lecture «Automation Testing in Ruby» (russian)

      Acceptance testing in Ruby based on cucumber + watir-webdriver technologies.

      Lecture «Being ahead business with cucumber» (english)

      How to drive feature implementation with business scenarios

      My courses



      Software Engineering

      Zhytomyr State Technological University (ZSTU)

      Master's Thesis: Software complex “Center of sociological researches”
      Department: Information and Computer Technologies
      Area of study: math, programming, micro-processing systems

      Programming languages​​


      selenium-webdriver, watir, cucumber (gherkin), rspec, factory-girl, vcr, grape, bundler, rake, rbenv, rvm, page-object, watirsome, rack-test, ruby on rails.


      Delphi 6/7 IDE, Object Pascal.
      Used to work until 2010.


      Used to work untill 2008.

      Other skills

      IDE and text editors: RubyMine, Komodo, NetBeans, SubLime Text 2/3, Atom

      SCM: Git, Subversion

      Bug tracking systems: jira, bugzilla, redmine, youtrack

      Continuous Integration tools: Travic, Jenkins

      Operating systems: OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP/7/8

      Markup languages: HTML, XML, YAML/JSON, Markdown

      Software development methods: agile (kanban/scrum), XP, waterfall

      Databases: PostgreSQL

      Other: JSON REST API, Vagrant, AJAX

      Additional testing tools:

      • Load testing: Apache JMeter
      • Software testing: TestComplete


      Russian: native
      Ukrainian: native
      English: advanced (C1)
      Spain: beginner (A1)


      Programming, video games, music, reading. Social initiatives, voluntary movements, anarchism.


      Edward Woodcock | Founder of Dinghy

      Really great to work with. Brought lots of good ideas to the team and a lot of expertise which was executed very well. Lots of communication about work to date and intentions. Would happily hire again.

      Andrew Emelianenko | Product Architect at Dinghy

      I was absolutely happy to work with Alex. I worked with himbefore. So when we opened the Lead QA Automation position,Alex was the first person in my list. He is a professional of thehighest class, me and team were absolutely satisfied with his job.I hope we'll work together again in the future.

      Anton Uhlenko | Release Manager at BETLAB

      The Dynamic Ruby course, delivered by Alexander, proved to be very useful for me. Alexander is a good professional and excellent teacher. The material was given gradually and with a lot of examples, that made it comprehensible and enabled me to memorize and learn it well.

      Kate Batsenko | Head of Education at GoIT:

      In summer 2015 Alex has delivered series of Master Classes & Workshops dedicated to Ruby for GoIT students and alumni. He composed it of two parts - "Ruby in general" (providing a broad view of Ruby as a programming language, with very useful practical examples and metaprogramming) and "Automation Testing in Ruby" (using cucumber + watir-webdriver technologies). The students and alumni, who are developers and QA engineers as well, and are interested in studying Ruby for automation, enjoyed these workshops very much. They especially noted the intense material and its applicability, and Alex's undoubted talent of a teacher / speaker. Thanks again and hope for further co-operation!

      Arkadiy Zabazhanov | Senior RoR developer at Toptal

      Alex is an outstanding engineer and QA. It seems like he got a sixth sense on bugs and blind spots revealing. Along with a great personality, he is proactive and passionate QA.

      Konstantin Govorukha | QA Automation Team Lead at Adyax:

      Alex has a good experience in automated testing. He is a well productive person. During my work with Alex I noted often he worked faster than me and I could assign to him tasks which should be done in short time period. Also he learned new knowledge pretty quickly so it was not a problem to give absolutely new unknown task to Alex. I think Alex is a person who will learn new technologies during all the time. I was glad to work with Alex and I recomend him to other people.

      Volodymyr Tereshchuk | QA Automation Team Lead at oDesk:

      Oleksander has strong intelligence and analytical mind; accurate, has ability to see problems commonly and in context; good team player; quick learner; pretty initiative; can handle heavy/complex tasks. Writes good-quality and well-commented code.

      Feedback from peers:

      Feature testers mention Oleksander as accurate AT engineer who is able to find and bring up many inconsistencies missed by PMs, PAs, developers and manual QAs.
      Oleksander is very responsible person, he always comes up with ideas of how to make automation more efficient. He did a great job in creation mobile test suites from scratch and explored the specific of mobile testing.
      Coworkers mentioned him as pretty good learner; good teamwork; pretty productive as coder.

      David Ramer | QA Manager at oDesk:

      Oleksander Mikitenko, was an excellent automation person for oDesk. He completed tasks on time and with high quality.