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Artistic Education    

Aug 2013Nov 2015

Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - 2 years of Bachelor on Circus Arts

Worked with: Marc Jonkers, Evgeniya Kalugina, Emil Angelov, Fabrizio Spiter, Wybren Wouda, Minka Parkkinen, Nikolay Pyasta, Paulina Vasquez... Rotterdam, The Netherland

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Oct 2015

Wacking Workshop's by Archie Burnett

House of Vineyard-Vogue.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Feb 2012May 2013

Aerial Silks Intensive Course by Van Nguyen

This course consolidates the basic skills of each aerial equipment on Circus Arts and an inniciation to Butoh Movement

Porto, Portugal


Ginasiano Dance School - 8º year of Arts and Dance Education Specialist Diploma

Artistic and Dance education, equivalent to highschool education. Education based on the artistic development on Ballet, Contemporary History and Culture of Arts, Music, Anatomy and Laban Notation.

 Porto, Portugal


Gymnastic School at ACM

Acrobatic Gymnastic training

Porto, Portugal

Dance Experience

Sep 2014

"Segredo Secreto" 

Coreography by: Ana Figueira // Companhia Instável

Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto

Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro

Mar 2013


Coreography by Alexandre Duarte and Ana Figueira

Ginasiano Dance School - Soloist - Porto, Portugal

May 2012


Coreography by: Índio Queiroz

Serralves em Festa - Porto, Portugal

Feb 2010

"Focus Fragmentado"

Coreography by: Isabel Ariel

 I Encuentro Internacional de Escuelas de Danza - RESAD, Madrid, Spain

Performance Experience


From 2010, has worked as a freelancer in dance and circus. 

Worked in major events and performances such as "Delicate" an aerial silks performance for over 10.000 persons. 2014 Braga, Portugal. 

Being a cast in several Cabaret Performances:  O que é nacional é bom!" by Jorge Freitas, Kabaret Kalinas- "Por amor à arte" by Cecilia Dias. 2012 Portugal; 

Worked with Grupo Spirit. Performing worldwide as a dancer and aerialist in places such Lookal Ocean Club, 2014 Luanda, Angola; Ramallosa 2000, 2015 Vigo, Spain; ...

Performed in several fashion events as an artistic model, such as Elite Models Summer Event, by Elite Lisbon and "Moda do Avesso" from Marta Ferreira. 

Dancer in videoclip "ShamanShamans" for Leah Uitjerland.


  • Jun-Sep 2015 - Gave several aerial silks, aerial hoop and trapeze workshops. The Oporto International School, CLIP, Portugal.
  • 2007-2008  Acrobatic Gymnastics Interscholastic Competion / 3º. Place - Mixed Duo / 2º. Place Male Trio                                                      


  1. Specialized in the circus discipline of contortion and aerials
  2. Hiper-Mobility - Joint Dislocation habilities
  3. Able to mix circus and dance easily
  4. Good improvisation skills
  5. Good adaption to a new work environment
  6. Experienced working as a soloist and member of chorus