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About Me

I am a very friendly person, and a hard worker, I usually get along with the team that I am working along side. Throughout my years of working in animation I have acquired a fair amount of skills which means i can work with other animators and also help them.


Mar 2014Present


From Software

Because the team did such a good job for Dark souls 2 we were brought back for another project at From Software known as Bloodborne. As i had worked at From software for a while the language barrier we had was completely gone. 

Aug 2012Mar 2014


From Software

One of my favorite jobs was when i was working at From Software as it was incredibly difficult as there was so much to animate during this game, the game i worked on was Dark souls 2. The language barrier that we had at the company was quite difficult to overcome. 

Mar 2010May 2012

Coding assistant


Working at Capcom i was able to help create the game, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen. I was brought in to help work on the coding for the game, this involved character fighting patterns and also level designs.

Jan 2008Nov 2009


Infinity Ward

During my time at Infinity Ward i helped work on the game known as Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2. I was brought in to help with some of the animations of the characters.

Mar 2005Dec 2007


Epic Games

I worked in a team of animators whilst we created the game known as Gears of war. This was a very complicated job as it required a lot of time and energy into each character we animated.


Sep 2000Jun 2006

Video game animation

Sheridan College

I studied at Sheridan College for 6 years working on a course for video game animation, where i learnt all the basics and then the rest of what I needed to know in order to animate video games. 

Sep 1997Jun 2000

Video game diploma

Blossomfield College

With my time at Blossomfield college i studied video game diploma, this was a very fun course and i also learnt a lot.


Video Game Animation

When it comes to animating video games its my passion, this means I am determined to do a good job and work my hardest at all times. I have over 7 years experience working as an animator.

Working in a team

I am great at working in a team as i can be friendly with everyone and also make sure we are working to a deadline as best as I can.


With my time at Capcom i experienced what it would be like to work with code, i quite enjoyed it and learnt a lot, so my coding skill is quite good but it still needs practice.


Working as an animator requires you to work in a huge team and being able to communicate with everyone, I can communicate quite well and i am very friendly to the team I will be working with, also working in Japan I had to overcome the language barrier to communicate.


Hidetaka Miyazaki

Hidetaka Miyazaki is the head director of the games Dark souls 1 and 2, he works for the company known as From Software.