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I am currently an Industrial design student at Massey University.

I enjoy helping and assisting others, learning new things and wish to further my knowledge and experiences in any way I can! I am reliable, eager, and always interested in learning and trying new things.

If you want to see things I've done:

Work experience

Kitchen Hand

The Boat Cafe

This job had me organizing time very effectively, as well as leaning all sorts of new things very fast. It taught me how much you can do in 10 minutes.



Work that had me up super early in the morning. Taking counts of things that pass by very quickly, showcasing how well I can retain sudden bursts of information.

Packing Assistant

Scally Enterprises Ltd

This job required me to systematically retrieve items from all over a warehouse to complete orders. It taught me to work effectively with time in mind and become more trusted for other work such as checking the quality of work from others.



I've spent a good amount of time just getting garden work done for others. It doesn't sound like too much but wearing your back out all day for honest work seems like something to be proud of.




model making

concept art