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I am currently a part-time design student at Massey University looking for part time or full-time work. I enjoy serving and assisting others, learning new things and wish to further my knowledge and experiences. I am reliable, eager, and interested in learning and trying new things.

Work experience

Mar 2018May 2018


Traffic Design Group
Oct 2013Nov 2014

Packing Assistant

Scally Enterprises Ltd

This job required me to systematically retrieve items from all over a warehouse to complete orders. It taught me to work effectively with time in mind and become more trusted for other work such as checking the quality of work from others.


Feb 2015Present

Bachelor of Design

Massey University, Wellington

I am taking a Bachelor of Design at Massey, with a major in industrial design. Which allows me to develop my design practices as well as introduce me to the industry that I'm heading into. I'm proficient with 3-D modelling and digital fabrication. Which allows me to create almost any kind of object that I would want.


high school

Sacred Heart College, Auckland

Through diligent hard work I have achieved consistent high grades throughout all levels of NCEA prior to moving down to Wellington.



Brings people together


To make use of the skills I've learnt from my studies I also engage with creative arts to explore my ideas in visual forms. if it isn't creating scenes or props, it's illustrations scenarios that I've been told about or played in.

My hobbies tend to fold onto each other very symbiotically. 


Music plays a huge part of my life as it entertains me as I transit from one place to another, or accompanies me while I work. A good song can do a very good job of taking me out of a funk and putting me into a good mood.