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An avid Software Engineer with an interest in sales & marketing


Sept 2015May 2016

API Engineer

  • Responsible for architecting, extending, and maintaining the core API service that powers Wirkn's job search and recruitment platform across Web, Android, and iOS devices.
  • In charge of developing a chatbot to help users find part time jobs in their area.
  • Regularly upheld best practices: scrum, gitflow, code reviews, pair-programming, post-mortems at the end of each sprint.
  • Integrated API into various cloud services (AWS, openshift, heroku) and performed load-testing.
Apr 2015Sept 2015

Owner & Full Stack Developer
  • A Software as a Service business I'm currently building from the ground up (with great enjoyment!). Target release date: Sept. 2015.
  • Targeted at the North American corporate-event & conference market, it allows large organizations to design and print custom nametags and conference badges for their events in minutes.
  • Server Side: Node.js, Express.js, Sails.js, MySQL
  • Client Side: javascript (es5/es6), HTML5 Canvas, HTML, CSS
  • Devops Side: Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, RDS (MySQL), Elasticache

This project reflects my own passions in the technology space - it allows me to craft beautiful, functional user interfaces on the front end, and robust, maintainable code on the backend. It also gives me the opportunity to work on architecting a highly-scalable app on the devops side.

However what I'm most-excited about is that I get to work on complex & interesting business problems. Things like reducing churn, increasing retention, and polishing the user-onboarding process are the things that I spend most of my time thinking about.

Jan 2015May 2015

Software Engineer

LTC Media

Designed and developed an interactive kiosk powered by the Microsoft Kinect for one of Canada's largest Digital Signage networks. Built with Windows Presentation Foundation (.NET, C#)

  • Designed a voice- & gesture-driven UI and UX
  • Gathered and iterated on feedback collected from users/stakeholders
  • Tailored the UI/UX to the business's target demo/psychographics
Jan 2013Jul 2013

Front End Developer


Designed and implemented UI for a web app that calculates and optimizes heating efficiency for large buildings

  • Worked with domain experts to ensure proper implementation
  • Participated in regular meetings and updated stakeholders on progress
  • Built with jQuery, Javascript, and Bootstrap
Mar 2011Oct 2011

Developer/Website Administrator

Dancesport Productions

In charge of maintaining and updating four of the business's websites. Developed a promotional website for an event with PHP using Model-View-Controller architecture

May 2011Oct 2011

Full Stack Developer

LTC Media
  • Responsible for designing and developing new features for a national Digital Signage network
  • Created back-end interface to facilitate easy updates
  • Enhanced and developed features for company's in-house ad-network
  • In charge of pushing new updates to the production server




Ryerson University

Computer Science



George Brown College

Computer Programmer/Analyst


  • An object model for the HTML5 canvas - a lightweight alternative to fabric.js. Demo:
  • Built with Javascrit (ES5/ES6), Babel.js, Mocha.js, Grunt.js, Browserify, HTML5 Canvas, and Test-Driven-Development
  • A free service that maps security incidents on the Ryerson University campus to help students stay safe
  • Built with jQuery, Javascript, and Bootstrap. Also makes use of Google Fusion Tables
  • Built a web scraper in Python to automatically extract incident data from Ryerson website
  • A social experiment: plays a music video once, and only once, a day. We are becoming used to instant gratification; by introducing artificial scarcity the site aims to reward the user for learning to expect as opposed to immediately consume