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After I served Saudi Arabian Airlines 21 years & 03 months - Prince Sultan Aviation Academy (PSAA) and I gained more experiences in different fields during this period of time; I have decided to make a career change and to join an esteemed organization where my extensive experiences and skills could be fully utilized and achieved in a high level ranking position.

Work experience

Sep 1988Apr 2009

Snr. Specialist Flight Operations Performance Engineering

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudia Basic Functions

To lead a group of specialists in the collation and production of Planning & Performance data and documentation for Flight Operations to ensure the optimum utilization of Saudi Arabian Airlines Fleet.

Saudia Duties

Supervise & Direct the activity of Flight Operation Performance Engineering in the area Of:

1. Cruise and Flight Planning Analysis, Takeoff and Landing Analysis, Computer Flight Plan Analysis, FMS Analysis etc.

2. Airport Data Collection.

Saudia Additional Skills

  • Excellent communication skills using SITA Telex, telefax communication, Electronic mail (e-mail) and Internet operational research work.

  • Proficient in aviation communication.
  • Have the ability to type at reasonable speed with accuracy using PC equipment.
  • Knowledge of QRH manual development effective procedures and ensure that current contents and proposed revisions of the manuals and publication meet the requirement of the company requirement and are of highest standard of English Language.
  • Have familiarity with vendor supplied manuals and has the ability to communicate and write instructional text in clear and concise English for the use of multinational work force.

Specialist Flight Operations Performance Engineering "A"

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Specialist Flight Operations Performance Engineering "B"

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines 50th golden anniversary – Leader of the translation team

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Approved Technical Airframe / Power plant Mechanic

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Operations Manager

Al-Etani Cars

Assistant General Manager

Al-Etani Spanish Kitchens

Middle East regional manager - (E-learning & E-training corporation)

e-Learning Technology Campus

Part time worker in e-Learning & e-Training corporation since 2000G:

1. To provide education professionals a forum for identifying upward career development opportunities by identifying long life education and training courses, programs and certificates worldwide.

2. To provide the infrastructure and technology that required starting the technology e-business very smooth.

3. To provide a range of services that will help clients plan, develop and deploy best e-Learning infrastructure need.

4. Preparations for the construction & consultancy company that specializes in the design and development of E-solutions.

5. Setup to create an integrated system of high-quality interactive e-Learning & e-Training solution.


Private Consulting Services
  • Particularly in:

             * Management and Business Development

             * Management of Distance Education

             * Educational & Training Consultant

             * Management of e-Learning & e-Training Technologies

             * e-Solutions

             * Feasibility Studies

  • French – Arabic High school ( French, English & Arabic Languages )

            Beirut, Lebanon

As a consultant - from 1996 to 2001 in:

            * Education

            * Training

            * Special development programs

  • Al-Aqsa High schools - from 2000 to 2005

             Jeddah, KSA

           * Educational consultant

           * Board member of the English language curriculum development committee


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies

King Abdul Aziz University

Engineering Higher Diploma in Aviation Technology

Hallmark Institute of Technology

Airframe and Power plant (A&P)

Federal Aviation Admin (FAA)

Advanced English Certificate

Linguex International

High School

Al-Thaghuor High School

Courses & Certifications

Note: All certificates will be available when needed

See Below

Boeing / MD Courses & Saudi Arabian Airlines Management and Training Courses:
* Performance Engineering General Course * Performance Engineering Operations Course * MD-11 Performance Engineers Training Course * MD-90 Performance Engineers Training Course * Performance Engineering Fundamentals Course * Leadership Skills * Performance Management * Interaction Skills * Touch Your Potential * Managing Your Job * Management Report Writing * Finance for Non-Financial Managers * Conflict Management * Quality Circles Techniques * Crew Resource Management (Initial) * ISO 9000 : 2000 * IOSA Internal Audit * Public Relations Management * Investing in Retirement * Attended the King Abdullah bin A/Aziz conference to improve the performance of the higher education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia * Attended the Saudi Computer Society conference to improve the performance & to develop new IT ideas in the field of higher education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia * Attended the Third National Quality Conference at King Abdul Aziz University * Improve your speaking and conferencing skills * Train the trainers skills



Experiences' Skills
*Generating ideas for real sustainable change. *Challenging conventional thinking. *Able to work on my own initiative and as a part of top management team. *Managing, developing and motivating business to achieve the corporate goals. *Ability to reform/restructure work flow. *Influence human assets to achieve targeted goals. *Counsel and advise students with career, education, training, personal problems or refer them to counselors. *Providing learning/training consulting services. *Support the production of interactive e-learning products. *Able to diagnose and solve problems. *Work with client business leaders and learning/ training managers to align technology Interventions with key client initiatives and organizational strategy. *Identify potential business opportunities. *Knowledge and experience especially in e-learning & training technology area plus other e-government solutions. *Managing the design, development and implementation of the learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), computer based training (CBT) courses, web based training (WBT) courses, testing & assessment e-methods, e-learning authoring/ collaborating tools and other learning technologies. *Able to discuss IT requirements with non-IT professionals in E-learning solutions. *Able to meet deadlines. *Self-directed learner. *Knowledge of Internet searching & research techniques used in business development and marketing. *Planning, assigning, and directing work. *Create and deliver new programs from scratch. *Able to do feasibility studies. *Planning, organizing, supervising, developing, evaluating skills.
Computer Skills
Computer oriented individual, have so far completed following computer courses from the Saudi Arabian Airlines' Corporate Training & Development Division: 1. Preliminary PC Skills 2. Introduction to Windows 3. Basic Word-processing Skills 4. MS Word 5. MS Excel 6. Windows OS + Office Group Applications

E-learning & E-training investment project

A feasibility study has been done in Arabic for investors and businessmen as an E-learning & E-training solution.

Project name:   International E-University – IEU

Suitability & Responsibility


An ideal candidate for a national or multinational organization engaged in E-learning & E-training, E-government, E-solutions activities, Management activities, Private Consulting Services and desire to work in dynamic, high-energy environment as one of the higher management positions or a Managing Director particularly in:

* Management and Business Development

* Management of Distance Education

* Educational & Training Consultant

* Management of e-Learning & e-Training Technologies

* e-Solutions

* Feasibility Studies


* Translate the organization vision to the business unit.

* Produce plans and directs all aspects of an organization's business development policies, objectives and initiatives.

* Managing project's tasks and budget which are related to E-learning solutions.

* Setting the training and development needs of the team members.

* Manage, lead and motivate a staff that will meet client requirements and exceed expectations by providing regular coaching, feedback and mentoring.

* Explore new E-learning & E-training technologies for future planning and possible implementation.

* Identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for change.

* Motivates team to work together in the most efficient manner.

* Communicates effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions.

* Suggests areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.

* Support marketing department in establishing marketing goals to ensure share of market and profitability of products and/or services in E-learning & E-training environment.

* Develops and recommends pricing strategy for the organization which will result in the greatest share of the market over the long run in E-learning & E-training solutions.

* All or some of those responsibilities, I used to do them in the above mentioned worked positions.


Internet, reading, creative thinking, creative business ideas, preparation of training courses and educational programs, feasibility studies and researches, walking, home maintenance, hunting and swimming.


Date of Birth: 18 Jan 1965G / 15 Ramadan 1384H

Nationality: Saudi

Marital Status: Married & have 4 Children

Health: Excellent Health Condition

Valid Saudi Driving License

Languages: Arabic & English