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  • Be inspired by the beatifulness of the nature and tried to leave this world better than I found it
  • Contribute to build a human responsability founded on simple set of values: respect, passion and communication
  • Fight against the hypocrisy, the falsehood and the mediocrity of our society and contribute to talent emerging and to reward the best through the meritocracy

Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Head of Digital Financial Services for Public Sector

Poste Italiane

New digital financial services development for Public Sector and Government entities; I'm responsible for design, business planning, Project management, strategic partnership and bid management of all the new digital services such as payments, financial accounting, social funding etc that link the relationship between citizens and Government; I'm responsible of Poste Italiane's contribution to Italian Digital Agenda programme, specifically related on Payments and Financial services; I'm contributing to PosteID-SPID, italian Electronic Identity system EIDAS compliant, as a entry point por every financial and payment transaction according to new EU Directive (PSD2)

Sep 2003Mar 2009

Poste Business Sales Director and Small Business Sales Manager

Poste Italiane

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Leader in the innovation and in the continuous search of stimulus to improve for the daily comparison. Deeply devoted to the professional and personal growth of his team members with which he loved to compare through feedback and interviews for the joined development of the excellence Great communication and transparent attitude that always ensure people who partner with him to clearly understand opinion and impression over their attitude. He has maintained his active relationships with a lot of the people with which he has worked and that he has managed during his past experiences
Organizational Enhancement
Created Organizational Model for a leading Italian Banking Group coming out from a merger, exploiting distinctive competences, negotiation skills and the ability to harmonize the different original cultures. Succesfully build and led a small entrepreneurial team active on SME market, driving it to become a result-oriented group that reach 20% increase on year-over-year revenues Introduce new organizational roles and responsibility defining job description, mission and governance, lining up the organizational model to the last tendencies of the market. It enhanced a fast growing trend that ensure 20 millions € additional revenues and 50K new customers in a year
Business Development
Succesfully launch a new business for SME target building a new integrate offering and a new sales model. Maintained in the last four years a double digit market increase rate (>25% py) reaching actual 360 Million € total revenues under responsability Led the development of new business activities in the Digital communication market through strategic partnership with Leading Companies (i.e. Microsoft, Cisco)
Strategic and Innovative advisory
Developed a successfull trackrecord of Strategic Plans and Roadmaps for Top European leading companies in Retaling and Consumer Goods, Finance, Transportation, Automotive industries Build an exclusive and intimate relationship with Top Management to design the innovative approach to existing business striving unique ability to transfer best practice across different industries Support Top Companies in the definition of middle and long term Action plans, economically and socially sustainable, whose results are today still appreciable and appraisable

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