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Brondi Alessandro

SAS Programmer on Clinical and Epidemiological Data


I work at S.C Epidemiologia dei Tumori, Turin.

I work at C.P.O. (Center of Oncology Prevention) in Turin from February 2014.

My work is build or modify a program using SAS 9.2. I create also a macro with SAS 9.2.

I create a program that have as output a table contaning various type of clinical data.

I work in contact with epidemiologist and manager because I prepare a data to their studies.

I work with large number of patients and then I work in PHASE II and PHASE III of clinical studies. The principal target is evaluate which treatment or which medical equipment is better.


Work experience

February 2014

SAS Programmer on Clinical and Epidemiological Data

CPO Center Oncology Prevenction - S.C. Cancer Epidemiology – Turin, Piedmont

From August 2017

I work on a project "Proteus". In this project I perform and create a program using SAS Base 9.2 and I create a table containing a data about woman that accept to follow Proteus Project. In this project I perform a link from different type of clinical data as Information about Hospital Discharge and Tumoral Incidence.

On June 2017

I work on a project named "Impact 2017 - Breast Cancer ". In this project I used unique ID to perform a linkage from various type of tables containing information about personal data ; tumoral incidence ; mortality table. This data it used to Epidemiologist. In this project the fiscal code wasn't complete and so I build a program that create a fiscal code when you have information about surname ; name ; sex ; birthdate and birthtown.

Articles 2017 :

Assessing the role of colonoscopy in screening for colorectal cancer (details at :

Multicentre randomized controlled trial of “once-only” sigmoidoscopy screening for colorectal cancer (SCORE)

(details at

Impact of screening on breast cancer incidence and mortality study (details at

Project 2015 and 2016 - Survey

with using the unique ID, I create programs using SAS and I create a tables containing different type of clinical data. The target was define how may people survey after a treatment.

Scope :

Using ID from AnagraficaID found a person survive or died again a clinical treatment. The target was found men that have a colon cancer and that have been treat in hospital. Is the treatment better or not for this men ? I prepare a tables containg data about personal data, personal desease, mortality table and I link this table. I send this table to medician and epidemiologist that done the study. This type of studies has been repete for 2016

Project 2014 - AnagraficaID : was a project where I create an unique index that permit to linkage different types of table.

Scope :

There was many tables containing personal data duplicate because the person, in Italy, when gone to hospital is registered with a ID. Everytime this ID is different. And so if you want to link this type of tables with the table containing for example Hospital Discharge you have many occurence. With this program you have one numeric index that permit to check the person as one. This table named AnagraficaID is increased anytime it arrive new personal data. So there is a control that prevent that there is a duplicate index. This index it was applied to many other tables. (ex : hospital discharge ; tumoral incidence ; mortality table ; etc ... )

June 2011January 2014

Consultant Programmer 

System Evolution

Client : Regione Veneto.

Using Data Flux to assess the quality of data from the Health Service of the Veneto Region.

Client : Deutsche Bank.

I worked with HTML 5 and CSS 3 to create or edit web pages.

Client : Intesa San Paolo.

I used SAS Data Integration Studio 9.2 to build new job . I used SAS Guide to analyze charts and data .I created JOB to make possible the analysis of financial ratios and evaluate the volume of business of thecustomer. I used VB Script to Excel to create Excel macros and produce sheets used by the customer in the various meetings.

Client : CSI Piemonte.

Creating jobs with SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2 and 9.1 for the management plans of the accounts relating to different types of various entities . Using Business Object XI for reporting related to the harmonized charts of accounts or reclassified

August 2011June 2011

Consultant programmer


Client : Replay.

Maintenance programs in PL / SqL existing . Creating procedures , functions and new implementations for the management of new customer specifications with which it operates with Reply . Maintenance creation of new forms and buttons with using Visual Basic 6.0 to meet the needs of customers working with Reply .

Client : Eufidi - EuroGroup.

Implementation of software solutions on PL / SQL on the Oracle platform . Writing , editing programs in PL /SQL . Generation output in text files to be sent to the Bank of Italy for reports of credit and guarantee . Creating programs PL / SQL operations to the Supervisory Board. Documentation of procedures or products listed.

Client : Betacom.

Building web pages using Visual Studio 2008 .

Client : CSI Piemonte.

Construction ETL with SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4 from Oracle scripts to handle password expiration of CSI employees . Construction ETL with SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4 . directions for the management of master , officers and cost centers . Update and insertion of Oracle tables through lines of program SAS 9.1 . Generating tables Staging. Reading from Oracle tables .
SAS programming 9.1 basis for management , maintenance and development of useful reports for services provided to internal employees ( Use Taxi Services, Mensa , Transfers of work , Using Phone company ) . Using SAS Web Report Studio for the creation of reports. Using SAS Information Map 3.1 for the modification of any filters or in the case of realization of new reports to display in a production environment .

March 2006October 2008


Ribes Informatica

Visual Basic Programmer
Creating and managing tables on Access database.
Extraction and processing of reports from the system STS2000.
Programming in SQL and SQL to Access.
Programming in Visual Basic.
Statistical purposes.
Development of Web Sites
Through the use of Visual Studio 2008, development of websites using HTML, ASP, CSS and JavaScript.
Technical testing cell
Testing the Mail Management Service on mobile phones that support Symbian OS and Windows Mobile operating system. Using Nokia PC suite. Test on SIM for Vodafone to launch new services.

September 2005March 2006

Technician Help Desk di 2° level ADSL


Configuring the modem and router operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 98 and Mac OS. Configuring Internet and email. Get the first connection from the client.

March 2005August 2005

Programmer PL/SQL


Using the PL / SQL and in particular PL / SQL for Oracle database management relating to large retail supermarkets, hypermarkets to create applications to meet customer needs.
Actions on a context of existing programs by including a few lines and improving existing programs.
Management and creation of a graphical interface to manage the payment ticket restaurant of the products in some supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Development of economic statistics for the interpretation of particular algorithms concerning the reorganization of the goods.

September 2003August 2004

SQL Developer on Access

Vodafone Italia

Creating relational databases using Access using data from Excel.
SQL programming language and creating graphical user interface to manage campaigns telephone exchange.
Of economic statistics to assess the sales performance of the proposed cell.
Campaign management with the use of telephone systems such as SAP and OCA to verify the activation of its emission rate and credit note.

March 2003August 2003


ARPA Biella

Using SAS and SPSS for processing health information. Study of the influence of drugs on diseases caused by smoking. Development of statistical and epidemiological use of the arguments developed in the thesis in relation to the case-control studies.

Knowing the problems of the territory of Biella. Transfer of knowledge of the Geographic Information System (GIS). Assessment of knowledge on environmental quality. Inspections in some municipalities in the territory of Biella for the knowledge of environmental issues. Organizing and processing of environmental data collected with the use of ArcView. Statistics on air and water quality in the territory of Biella.

September 1999December 1999


CPO Center of Oncology Prevenction

Stage carried out in order to prepare the thesis in statistical analysis on the health of both descriptive and practical level of indexes that evaluate the impact of smoking and alcohol in humans.
Data collection, processing surveys and their interpretation.
Construction of survival curves and mortality.
Using SAS and SPSS for the interpretation of results.


January 2000April 2002

three-year degree on Statistics

University of Turin
September 1996December 1999

bachelor's degree in Statistic

University of Turin
September 1991July 1996

Computer Science not graduated

ITIS Camillo Olivetti


SAS Base 9.2

Code and macros

SAS Data Integration Studio

Platform to perform a job using SAS

SAS Enterprise Guide

Platform to perform a job using SAS


Code and Trigger


Excel ; Word ;


Database , query , form

Visual Basic

Code and macro

HTML 5 and CSS 3 and Javascript and ASP.NET










Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health - February 2014

I follow this course on Coursera Site but I don't earn a Certificate. (6 week)

1) Course Introduction, History of Epidemiology and Epidemiology Research

2) Understanding Measures of Disease Frequency

3) Study Designs

4) Measures of Association

5) Causality

6) Conclusion

Data Management for Clinical Research - June 2014

I follow this course on Coursera Web (6 week) but I don't earn a Certificate.

1) Research Data Collection Strategy

2) Electronic Data Capture Fundamentals

3) Planning a Data Strategy for a Prospective Study

4) Practicing What We've Learned: Implementation

5) Post-Study Activities and Other Considerations

6) Data Collection with Surveys

Driver's Licence

Category B


Country militar service: Italy in 2002


I research a permanent job on SAS. If you want to call me, you could call at 17.15 p.m. or on Friday from 10.00.


Autorized the use of personal data D. lgs. 196/03