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Highly organized soccer coach, with an inquiring attitude and a comprehensive vocational education fully grown in Italy, to offer proven skills in planning and leading soccer team basically on the playing field. Able to provide young players with technical, tactical and physical skills, to help them to build self-confidence and self-esteem and to lead the most talented to success

Professional Experience


U13-U14 Head Soccer Coach

FC Junior Gatteo

Planning and managing young people's growth through soccer.  Increase of team members up to 100%: 14 in 2014-2015, 28 in 2015-2016


U14-U15 Assistant Soccer Coach

AC Delfini Rimini

Teaching technical and tactical skills, assisting the planning,  organizing and managing individual training sessions



Degree in Modern Italian Literature

University of Milan (Italy)

Additional Skills


Active listening; public speaking; negotiation; persuasion and organization; conflict solver; empathetic; capable of finding the right solution depending on context

Language learning ability

Able to learn rapidly foreign languages: native Italian speaker, fluent in English (spoken and written),  good in Spanish and German (both spoken and written)


Writing lyrics and novels; word processing 


Currently located in Italy but willing to relocate


Available upon request