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Photography, Art, Cinema, Painting, Drawing; basicly interested in all visual formats


To be a specialist in creating multiple digital formats, to be a team player, coupled with the opportunity to pass on my marketing and graphic design skills and accept the responsibility that this entails.

I would also like to harness my communication and language skills, by being a multi disciplinary designer.

Work experience

Oct 2006Mar 2007

Graphic and Publishing Designer

Fanhunter S.L
  • In charge of the design and covers creation of different comics series for Planeta de Agostini.
  • Design of different articles for the inside of the comic series
  • Check the final art for printing
  • Check of briefings for publicity purpose, sometimes creation of them, and most of the time reviewing and traducing of the texts from english to spanish.
  • Cover creation of new comic book "Fantom Town" by Cels Piñol.
  • Preparation of different image files for web.
Nov 2005Dec 2006

Graphic and Web Designer

Deutsche Bank
  • I was in charge of different projects for the internal websites of Deutsche Bank  in Spain; more specific for Barcelona clients.
  • Creation of Graphic and Multimedia propposals for the Marketing Department.
  • Creation of Banners, Electronic newsletters, microsites and redesign of different corporation sites.
  • Give support and help in the creation of publicity briefings for the Marketing Department in different languages (english very often, and french sometimes).
Sep 2004Sep 2005

Graphic and Creative Designer

Quatro Comunicación Activa
  • In direct charge of certain projects, meetings with clients and suppliers.
  • The one in charge of checking the final arts for printing.
  • Creation of briefings for publicity purpose.
  • Collaboration in the creation of different marketing plans for specific clients.
  • Follow and develop of graphic lines for the projects.
  • Creation of graphic proposals for the clients.



Oct 2006Apr 2007


  • Proffesional perspective, practical and adapted for the design of differents production plans for Tv formats, and the better way to use all resources
  • Management and control of the human resources, all the materials and techniques for the creation of different formats. 
Oct 2005Nov 2006

Master Degree in Production and Design for Multimedia Formats

  • Give different professional tools for the management of production projects with multimedia content, also for the correct exploitation of internet spaces.
  • Proposing strategies for the application of multimedia tools for internet in several areas such as information, publishing, comunication and marketing. 
Jan 1998Dec 2002

Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design

UDEM. Universidad de Monterrey
  • Give the opportunity of develop the complete process of the graphic composition for the gross comunications media and digital formats; helped by theorical knowledge of design, it will contribute with creativity well thinked, based in specific requirements given by the project.


Fluent language skills in written and spoken english (Studied 17 years at school, and university. Also lived in San Francisco, California for a year) Skills in written and spoken french (Studied at Alliance Française during 3 years. Also lived in France for a year) Good at catalan, big comprehension of the language and basic written and spoken.
Good in comunication and meetings with clients, giving feedback of the projects; also good working in team works creating briefings, marketing plans and graphic lines.
Digital and Manual Photography
Skilled taking manual pictures with reflex camera employing a good use of photo composition; im also good working the photo digital editing for catalogs and the manipulating of them for severarl purposes.
Graphic Design Pack Programs
Im good working on several programs for Graphicand digital design purpose; such as   Illustrator Freehand Adobe Photoshop Flash Fireworks Dreamweaver Director