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Senior Software Developer with 14 years experience in the full software development life cycle – from concept through delivery and maintenance of next-generation applications and customizable solutions.

Work experience

Oct 2017Present

Senior Software Developer/Architect


As part of this project, I'm involved on designing the interfaces with which the core of the project will communicate with external motion devices, like couch/robot, gantry and snout. I'm also working on implementing the core of the project that is responsible for communicating with the motion controllers, issuing commands to the motion controllers, checking for status of the motion controllers, notifying the rest of the core about the status of the motion systems  and planning the motion path of the motion systems.

Used technologies:

Java (version 8), JUnit, Mockito, Maven, Git. 

Feb 2012Sep 2017

Senior Software Developer

Matrix Global/Lamark

As part of the Lamark team, my responsibilities are working on the system integration with third party telecoms and mobile service providers, using some of the given protocols: SOAP Web Services, SMPP, RESTful HTTP Api or CIMD.
As a senior developer,  I also have responsibilities maintaining the Linux servers and the JBoss instance, as well as my involvement in mentoring the junior developers on my team, until they can manage on their own with their given tasks.
Used technologies:
Java, J2EE, JMS, EJB, JPA, SOAP Web Services, Linux, Bash Shell Scripting and JBoss application server.

Jan 2010Jan 2012

Software Developer

Matrix Global/Optier

Working on various utility applications used in the development process of the main application for performance management.
Creating command line interface utility (CLI) for automatic generation of tests for JSystem, according to some predefined data.
Creating CLI utility for generating reports from BIRT server, according to some predefined data, and automatically sending them by email.
Working on the build process of the application, that involved building java based shell utility applications.
Managing the build server (QuickBuild), managing and writing shell/batch scripts for the purpose of the build process.
Managing and working with Buildr for the purpose of building the project and it’s modules. Implementing the patch automation system for the project.
Used technologies:
Java, Linux, Bash Shell Scripting, Batch File Editing.

Mar 2008Dec 2009

Software Developer

Matrix Global/Jacada

This project was about creating one central point for the multiple applications that the client (O2 call center) had, with the purpose of simplifying the clients workflow.
I was involved in building the business logic (back end logic) and the user interface (front end, web) for the optimization project. The project consist of about 12 modules that capture the entire work of the Call Center from accepting a call to placing an order on the system.
I also worked with the existing web systems for the purpose of retrieving necessary data, and created the web user interface according to the given specification and created necessary unit tests to ensure system quality.
Used technologies:
Java (JSP, JSTL), AJAX (prototype library), Beehive(MVC framework, Struts based), Spring (Container), Web services, JavaScript

Mar 2008Present

Software Developer/Senior Software Developer

Matrix Global

As part of my current company I was involved in various projects, which are given in chronological order.

Jan 2007Mar 2008

Software Developer

Standalone Project

This project was a Web Application intended to help trading with bearings between bearings users and bearings producers. The application was consisted of the administration and client part. In the administration part admins could administer app related issues and the clients part enabled the clients to market their products and search for products from different clients.
My responsibilities were creating the business logic for the application, on the client and on the server side.
Creating the relational model of the application,for the purpose of capturing the business logic and creating unit tests with JUnit.
Used technologies:
J2EE(JSP,  Servlets, Struts, JSTL, EL, Hibernate) and Tomcat as deployment server.

Oct 2003Feb 2008

Software Developer

Codex Computers

As part of the team in Codex, I was involved in designing and creating the user interface (GUI) and implementing the business logic in the client/server application for the Health Insurance Fund of Macedoina.
Designing the database table structure and their relations, creating and testing queries, optimizing data access, creating, debugging and testing PL/SQL procedures and functions.
I was also responsible for creating user reports using JasperReport, and creating unit tests with JUnit.
Since the application was deployed on Linux, I was also involved in the process of creating bash scripts for the application, like bash script for executing the application, startup bash scripts, and administering file related problems (copy, move, delete, rename, setting permissions etc).


Java (Swing, JUnit, JDBC), Oracle, Linux (Suse).


Sep 1998Oct 2003

Graduate engineer of computer science

Faculty of Natural Science, Institute of informatics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje

Technologies and Skills:

Java, J2EE, JMS, JPA, EJB, JSP, Java Servlet, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, AJAX, Web Services, Linux (Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse, CentOS), beginner level bash scripting, some Python (beginner level), Perl (beginner level), Ruby (beginner level), SVN, Git.


English, fluent in speaking, writing and reading.