Vineyard Worker

Fruta Grozd

Professional Experience

Mr. Musoski assisted in the Production and Packaging of Wines. He was involved in the planting and maintance of Vineyards, which involves preparing the Soil, erecting Trellis and Irrigation Equipment and Planting.

He always controled Pests and Diseases with regular Spraying.

During Vintage or Harvest he assisted with handpicking Grapes. He operated with the Equipment for crush and Ferment Grapes and he assisted in bottling and labelling the Wine.


MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point,

Driving Licence


Macedonian    Native Language

English             Intermediate

German            Basic

Professional Skills

Mr. Musoski was physically fit and able to undertake Manual labour. He was able to work quickly and reliable; both as part of a Team and Independently. He is communicative and has Sense of Organisation. He has Ability of fast learning too.

He leave us because of private Reasons. We wish him for the Future all the Best and a lot of Success,

General Manager

Misev Dragi