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I am interested in Corporate Law and International Finance since I attended my first lectures of Commercial Law at the University. This led me later on to pursue a career in Banking, but I decided to strengthen my academic background in that field before joining the Lloyd's TSB Bank S.A as in-house lawyer through an M.Sc in Commercial Law. Thanks to those experiences I decided that Banking and Finance were what I had always wanted to practice in. Thus, I decided to improve my skills in order to make the leap to that industry by means of doing an M.Sc in Business Law before coming to London to learn English and doing an LL.M in Banking Law and Financial Regulation.

Through succeeding in each of those stages of my life and having clear professional and academic aspirations I consider myself a goal achiever and also a driven and problem solving person. These attributes harmonize perfectly with the leadership, managerial, and team working skills I have developed through coordinating and supervising the work of several Law Firms in Colombia as well as working to provide the best legal advice as an active member of the legal team of the Lloyd's TSB Bank S.A.

Working with a law firm specialized in Corporate, Banking and Finance Law or an international banking institution attracts me because it matches with my skills and professional aspirations.

Work experience

Supervisor and Pro Bono Lawyer

Universidad Santo Tomás, Social Legal Services of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Main duties
  • Manage and supervise the work of a team of 20 lawyers that provided legal advice to people coming from deprived backgrounds.
  • Provide assistance in court to the same kind of people as Public Defender and Pro Bono Lawyer.


  • Developed excellent oral and written communications skills by transmitting clearly to the team of lawyers the objectives to be achieved for each term as well as implementing the instructions related to changes in policies dictated by the Director of the Social Services Division.
  • Led successfully a team of lawyers to provide the best legal advice in more than 500 different cases through the establishment of individual and periodical revision processes and the creation of the correct strategy to be followed for each case.
Nov 2001Nov 2003

In House Lawyer

Lloyd's TSB Bank S.A

Main duties

  • Provide legal advice to the Corporate as well as the Operations Management Divisions of the Bank in order to prevent the crystallization of legal risks associated with their activity and especially with the lines of credit, bilateral and syndicated loan facilities and the supporting collateral of the corporate clients of the Bank.
  • Negotiate and draft the terms of pre-existent as well as brand new bilateral and syndicated loan agreements and their accompanying guarantees.
  • Provide legal advice to the Retail Management Division in relation to the collateral offered by the consumers, in order to preserve the soundness and integrity of the debts portfolio of the Bank.
  • Provide legal support to the Compliance Officer regarding the legal requirements of the national and international regulatory agencies to whom the Bank was accountable for.
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of a team of five law firms located in different Colombian cities that managed the distressed debt portfolio of the Bank.


  • Developed skills to solve efficiently and effectively any problem regarding the legal viability of the operations of the Corporate and Operations Management Divisions through the renegotiation of the terms of the contracts involved or the requirement of the right amount of collateral to be given by the corporate clients in order to control the risk exposure of the Bank.
  • Cooperated effectively to the other members of the legal department with giving excellent legal advice when structuring complex and multibillion loan facilities in which the Bank acted as a lead manager such as the syndicated loan facility granted to the biggest Colombian transport operator, Transmilenio S.A in order to built the main public transport system in Bogota D.C
  • Developed strong management skills through leading and supervising successfully a team of lawyers who followed nearly 10,000 judicial cases part of the distressed debt portfolio of the Bank by way of establishing more effective procedures to improve the outputs of their administration.




London School of Economics and Political Science

Courses taken:

  • Law and Practice of International Finance
  • Law of Corporate Finance
  • Regulation of Financial Markets
  • Legal Risk in the Financial Markets
  • Interests in Securities

Dissertation Titled:

 "Legal Solutions to the Unenforceability of Insider Dealing Regulation in the United Kingdom"



Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Courses taken:

  • Introduction to EU Law
  • Privatization of State Companies Law
  • IT Law
  • Data Protection Law
  • Insolvency Law
  • Industrial Property Law
  • Arbitration
  • Law of Sectoral Markets I y II
  • M&A
  • Competition Law
  • Law of Corporate Finance
  • Financial Law


Universidad de Los Andes

Courses Taken

  • Introduction to Commercial Law
  • Contractual Law
  • Intelectual Property Law
  • Insolvency Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Negotiable Instruments Law
  • Legal English