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About Me

While currently living in Argentina I am embarked on a search for professional and personal growth with an overseas opportunity.

I am characterized by a great capacity analytical, detail-oriented, autonomous, creative and with a voracious appetite for learning new knowledge thus achieving personal growth.

Throughout my professional experience I have acquired many tools focused on finding alternative routes to achieve resolution of objectives in the most efficient way.

I consider that the indispensable path to develop yourself both profesionally and personally is knowledge and information and that's why I try to be at the  vanguard of new expertise both within the technical aspect (i.e programming and tecnological tools) as of personal character (doing courses and workshops that empower interpersonal skills).

Work Experience


SR Financial Planning & Reporting Analyst

IMS Internet Media Services
  • Assist Controller with financial operational activities such as budgeting, performance tracking, financial reporting, investment analysis, assessment of new markets, and pricing strategy on an accurate and timely basis.
  • Design and implement financial, statistical, and analytical reports and processes to improve net income and maximize value.
  • Conduct special financial studies.
  • Budget Control.
  • Sales Planning.
  • Assist with reporting and analysis for the monthly close.
  • Provide ad hoc reporting and analysis.
  • Project management duties.
  • Produce / create high quality, comprehensive financial reports on a regular basis or whenever the updates are needed for quarterly results / budget / long term planning for internal and external reviews.
  • Creation of articles and accounts within the ERP.
  • Management and update of the forecasting platform used by the commercial sector, analyzing the congruence, detecting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop and prepare key operational and financial metrics for Senior Management.
  • Testing IT tools and software achieving compliance requirements and consistency with the accounting / financial information.
sep 2015Feb 2017

Sales Administration Supervisor

IMS Internet Media Services
  • In charge of leading and supervising the sales admin team, ensuring that deadlines are met, internal and external requirements are met, redistributing the work flow efficiently.
  • Analysis and management control of the sales department, control of internal minimums by business unit and by country.
  • Support in new strategic alliances with potential Partners.
  • Identification and analysis of trends or insights transforming numerical & empirical information into
    actionable decisions by the managament.
  • Execution of the necessary reports for the settlement of commissions for the sales force.
    Analysis of the company's P & L to calculate the performance of Country & Partner Managers based on
    defined KPI.
  • Weekly meetings with upper management and the sales force to report the performance of the company.
    Preparation of reports for the Marketing, Sales, Collections department for local management, as well as for our Partners (Twitter, Waze, Linkedin, Foursquare, Twitch, Vevo, etc).
dic 2013abr 2015

Quality Analyst & Internal Audit

Drager Medical Argentina SA
  • Support the work of the quality department in terms of maintenance and development of the quality system of the company; Process Landscape management, versions and related documentation; review of processes, validity, release, revision rates; review of attached processes, folder handling of current and non-current processes; Excel handling of complaints; control and archiving of documentation, review of documentation and updating of quality policies; internal support of the company; perform reviews of Quality processes.
  • Provide assistance to the accounting and billing sector regarding suppliers, verifying their effective registration within the documents required by corporate standards, as well as in their corresponding computer database. Make the accounting record of the payments to suppliers and the consequent assignment to the cost centers. Perform the accountability of the company and payments through Microsoft Dynamics Navision software.
ene 2013jun 2013


Fundación Vida Silvestre

Project applied to the analysis of the non-governmental organization presenting proposals to emphasize the strong points of the same and possible solutions to its disadvantages in terms of strategy and structure.
I am currently a volunteer in the projects proposed by the organization

Academic Information


Data Analytics Program

Digital House

It provides the necessary tools to translate large volumes of information into effective business decisions. Learn to intensively use databases in Excel, PowerBI, Business Intelligence, SQL language and different tools for data analysis and digital behavior such as Google Analytics and analysis platforms for social networks.

Instruct you on how to collect, clean and analyze data from multiple sources such as internet, social networks, local or remote databases, and techniques for visualization and prediction of future scenarios.

Develop conceptual business models, simple analytical models and statistical data models; and I learned how to apply predictive models that allow the making of strategic business decisions.