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Aug 2007Present

high school diploma

Westminster High School

In high school you are phased with many oppsitcles whether they are good ones or bad. But we all go through them. I was very fortunate to follow the correct path,  joining the FFA (Future Farmers of America). This organization made me understand and appreciate how we get our super markets. 

Sep 2004Jun 2007


Johnson Middle School

Work experience

Feb 2011Present



 As my first job i was approached by an opportunity to work at a Mexican restaurant as a host. Greeting people as they walk through the door.  Making sure the place looked very presentable so we will have the customers come along more often. Making sure every customer was satisfied as they left the restaurant. 


Give Shots
As i was involved in a club organization i was taught to speak in front of a crowd of people. It was very intimidating at first but once you do it for a while you tent to get the hang of it. It soon becomes a comfort zone to the person. As a Vice President in the FFA my duty was to assist the president in maintaining order. Making sure everything was going good while we held our meetings. If the president was absent it was my duty to take over her or his place. 


Dear Reader,

My name is Alejandra Gonzalez. I am currently enrolled as a student at Westminster High School. And a 3.0 gpa. As my senior year is towards the end, I am looking forward into going to a community college to finish my general ed. Then transferring to either a UC or Cal State. I am undecided in my major but i am debating whether i should major agricultural, or social working. I am a very organized person who doesn't like to have a clutter. I am a well speaker thanks to a club in high school which i participated in. I have grown into a better person by so much knowloged that has pass my way. I am very much willing to learn more and educate myself with more intense hands on learning while i attended a UC or CS. 

- Sincerely Alejandra Gonzalez


Social Worker - Long term

Agricultural- Short term


As some interest that I have such as choreograph dance, to helping people around me out. I like to give advice to the younger ones making  sure they at least hear from a much elder to help them out through their struggles. Dance to me was a natural skill and talent , something i love to do when i get some time off school and work. I want to do what i love in the future even if companies won't pay me much. To me what matters is doing what i want to do for the rest of my life and it would have to involve helping others in their needs whether its advice or anything else.