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I started to work in the HR fields 10 years ago as trainer in the managerial skills development.

Then I increase my experience in the develop and launch of typical HR tools how: compensations system; performance appraisal; cultural analysis.

I begin to support the HR manager or business owner to manage the very challenge session of change management.

Little by little this experience gave me a wide vision of the organizational dinamic in each dimension, and when I was ready to start with my business idea, I done it!

So I've founded kairòs consulting in 2006.

I love read and study the anthropology and social topic with particular focus on the collaboration vs competitive approach.

I think  that in an modern organization we need much: links, collaboration, free information flow and shared knowledge, than individual talent and strength centralized structure.

"keep free ideas and person and you will build innovation"

This is my vision!

Work experience

Founder and community manager


Almanetwork is a system of consulting company that approach the customer with a several solution on four pilar of the firm:

- Business Idea (business plan, marketing and communication plan)

- Organization (structure, job analysis, optimization workflow)

- Person (recruitment, training, HR management tools)

- System (Information system, ISO)

Almanetwork gather 12 company in a network system managed like a community.

I've had this idea with other 2 person, and actually I'm che community manager e business developer.

A consequence of this experience is the business model that we have built, and now propose how an opportunity for a several group of company that want develop a company network in theirs market.

Jan 2006Present


kairos sas

Kairòs is a consulting firm born to support the company for take care and develop its Human Capital.

Traditional tools like: compensation system, mapping skills and performance, potencial analysis, are now flanked by internal network development, collaboration approach, sharing knowledge and free information flow. In a word: enterprise 2.0.

Kairòs knows very well the social imprinting of the organization and support company toward the creation of an environment of motivated and empowered people.

Call us! 

Jan 2008Present

Senior Consultant

eleven consulting

I'm collaborating with eleven as a senior consultant in the organizational developement and human resources field. 

I support the HR manager  to take care the company Human capital through use the traditional tools.

Jan 2010May 2011


Variations International

The mission of Variations international is to contribute to develop the managers' talents in order for the firm to fullfill its mission and implement its strategy. For that, we link the strategic stakes, the firm's values, the organisation and the managerial guiding principles. The goal is to build human focused and economically performing organisations.


Political science

Università degli studi di Milano

I've explored the main disciplines related to organizational behavior:

- sociology

- anthropology

- social psichology

- management theory

I've produced a study entitled: "Organization and Limen", where I analyze the phenomenon of change management through the anthropological tools of the rite of passage.

You find the free text at the portfolio section at left (Scribd).



Social media
I'm a web surfer and I'm learning a lot about the social network environment, for bring this expertise in the organizations with enterprise 2.0 projects.   My presence: Twitter Facebook Linkedin Youtube Google+ Yammer (company social platform) Scribd Friendfeed Flickr Slideshare Foursquare Anobii
HR and surrounding
Networking, community management, facilitation teams, troubleshooting, navigate the complexities.