Work experience

Work experience


Jul 2012 - Present
CMS Cameron McKenna
Undertook legal research for the Environmental Law department. Analysed legal precedents and cases, identified relevant law and decided on strategy for cases. Key Skills: Research, analysis, identification, interpretation, strategy, deadline-oriented.


Aug 2010 - Present
Expedition/Duke of Edinburgh
Research Undertook a research project on the River Thames on a four day canoe expedition. Analysis of data gathered during expedition and identification of effects of litter on the environment. Researched modern history of the river and compared data to the data collected during expedition. Presented findings to large group. Resulted in the achievement of my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Key Skills: Project management, research, team work, leadership, presentation, investigation, data analysis.


Jan 2015 - Apr 2015
Home School
Tutor/Meroondah Downs, Australia Home-schooled a four year old on a cattle ranch in the Outback of Australia. Slashed the time taken to complete units by 50% to efficiently catch up on backlog of work whilst still ensuring quality learning and high grades. Supervised all four of the family's children; planned and organised educational and stimulating activities and events including arts and crafts. Managed the entire cattle ranch for two weeks whilst the family were away. Key skills: Organisation, planning, creativity, flexibility, dedication, problem solving, event management, leadership, communication.


Jul 2013 - Aug 2014
Member Services Adviser/Which? Ltd
Advised members on the best companies, brands and products on the market and informed them of the latest consumer issues and updates. Rocketed sales by up to 22% over the quarterly targets. Held record for overachieving daily sales target by 385% in a single day. Implemented new data collection initiatives by encouraging members to complete satisfaction survey. Aided business strategy and market research by capturing member feedback regarding consumer needs and thoughts on brands, companies and products. Key skills: Commercial awareness, market research, strategy, customer service, communication, flexibility, problem solving, collaboration, liaison, conflict resolution, data analysis.

University of Kent

Sep 2012 - May 2013
University of Kent
Final Year Dissertation/ โ€œ Should defendants on the autistic spectrum be held criminally responsible for their actions?โ€ Identification and critical analysis of existing criminal law as to its effectiveness and suitability concerning individuals on the autistic spectrum. Extensive research into medical, social and ethical issues surrounding Autism. Research and analysis of international law and procedures. Evaluation of all evidence and application of lateral reasoning to propose more effective laws. Key Skills: Research, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, problem solving, lateral thinking, planning. Research & Analysis

Student Caseworker/kent

Sep 2012 - May 2013
Law Clinic
Student Caseworker/Kent Created two pro bono immigration appeals on behalf of clients. Interviewed clients, discovered and evaluated the facts of the case, researched and analysed legal precedent and principles, decided on strategy and created grounds of appeal. Built good relationships with clients through excellent communication, rapport, trust and empathy. Key skills: Research, planning, organisation, interviewing, time management, prioritisation, case management, communication, analysis, strategy.


Sep 2011 - Jun 2012
Kent Law Clinic
Receptionist/ Arranged appointments between clients and solicitors; evaluated whether the client's case was within the legal remit of the Law Clinic, updated Clinic databases. Excellent communication with both clients and solicitors was crucial to build positive relationships. Key skills: Communication, administration, analysis. LLB Law Graduate


Oct 2009 - Apr 2010
Youth Police Service
Chairperson/ Elected chairperson ofโ€˜ Youth Police Service' group that worked with local police to create a crime prevention initiative. Organised and ran aโ€˜ Knife Awareness Day' event in the town centre in response to recent youth knife crime to raise awareness in the community. Decided on strategy, managed the budget, wrote informative leaflets and presentations, marketed the event and composed surveys for market research. Collected data on youth's perception of knife crime in the form of 200 completed surveys. This aided the police in their crime prevention initiatives which successfully reduced knife crime. Key Skills: Project management, planning, organisation, budgeting, market research, data collection, leadership, creativity, event management, marketing, strategy, communication.




2003 - 2008
University of Kent