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Aldrich L. Rivera



B.S., Astrophysics

University of California, Los Angeles


Jul 2010Present

Senior Environment, Health and Safety Technician

UCLA Environment, Health & Safety
  • Performed routine radiation safety survey audits. Measured, analyzed and collected samples for counting with spectrometric instruments.
  • Performed radiation safety survey measurements on X-ray producing machines.
  • Developed and maintained timely records of radiation survey reports, radioactive material (RAM) inventory, spectrometric instrument calibration records, and radioactive waste records via log books, forms, and computers.
  • Calibrated radiation detection equipment including Ludlum Geiger Counters.
  • Prepared and cleared Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center rooms used for Iodine-131 thyroid ablations.
  • Conducted monthly unannounced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspections.
  • Collected and prepared radioactive waste for shipment and decay.
  • Performed dosimetry tasks including the collection, tracking, and distribution of dosimeters.


  • Worked with Professor Brad Hansen and Astronomy graduate student Ian Crossfield in the detection of extrasolar planets (planets outside the solar system).
  • Spent 3 nights on Mount Hamilton, San Jose at Lick Observatory operating the 3-meter Shane Reflector and 1-meter Nickel Reflector Telescopes at Lick Observatory.
  • Experience in reduction of stellar images using IDL software, CCD detectors, and telescopes.


Hobbies: Dance, rock climbing, barbering, running, hiking, camping, traveling