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Extensive experience in law enforcement and investigation field, with 6+ years focusing in digital forensic. My employment background as an investigator requires me to be detail-oriented and thorough.

I have a huge interest in information security related topics, and hold a masters degree in digital forensics with thesis focusing in metasploit exploitation from a forensic view.

Work experience


Digital Forensic Investigator

Directorate General of Taxes
  • Digital forensic team supervisor.
  • Digital forensic investigator in several high profile tax investigation.
  • Conduct forensic acquisition, analysis and presentation of digital evidence on various tax investigations. Using various computer and mobile forensic tools, mainly focusing in e-discovery.
  • Trainer on several digital forensic training held by Directorate General of Tax throughout Indonesia.

Liaison Officer

Directorate General of Taxes
  • Evaluate of ongoing tax crime investigation progress report.
  • Facilitate coordination works between Directorate General of Taxes and various law enforcement agency.


Capital Market Supervisory Agency
  • Document examination, on site examination, witness inquiries, and reporting. Focusing in Capital Market crime investigation mainly regarding stock transaction and brokerage.



Master of Science in Digital Investigation an Forensic Computer

University College Dublin

First class-honour degree in computer forensic and information security masters degree.  My thesis focuses on Metasploit attack from digital forensic point of view. 


Bachelor on Accountancy

Universitas Indonesia

Accounting degree with thesis focusing in stock recommendation and returns. 



121 Digital provides free information technology training for adults. I tutored one of the learners in 121 Digital program in Dublin, on various information technology related matter.


English language

Fluent in English language

Computer Forensic

5+ years of experience in computer forensic procedures. Adept in various e-discovery/ digital forensic tools (FTK, encase).

I've also used cuckoo sandbox and volatility extensively while working on metasploit attack research for my thesis.

Autopsy/sleuthkit trainer in several class in Ministry of Finance and Directorate General of Taxes forensic training

Mobile Forensic

5+ years of experience using oxygen forensic and cellebrite. I am also certified as an oxygen forensic examiner.


I have used PHP and python to assist my work.

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