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Although he is most widely recognized for his achievements as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Park West Gallery, a venture with more than 1 million clients worldwide, Albert Scaglione also enjoyed a career as a mechanical engineer. An ambitious individual, Albert Scaglione earned a Doctorate and then accepted a position teaching mechanical engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Additionally, Albert Scaglione used his talents for the integration of science and mathematics to assist NASA in developing supersonic transport (SST) as well as methods for coping with space travel in extremely hot areas. Passionate about SST and magnetohydrodynamics, Albert Scaglione decided to pursue another career path when NASA and the government began focusing on weapons delivery systems. Albert Scaglione returned to art, a world he discovered as a teenager while working a summer job at a gallery. He traveled to France and spent a great deal of time in Paris learning from a number of authorities on art, including Henri Petiet, a renowned postwar Matisse and Picasso dealer; Maurice Jardot, respected owner of the Galerie Louise Leuris; and Yaacov Agam, prominent optic and kinetic artist. During his time in Paris, Albert Scaglione effectively learned a great deal about both the culture and business of art, from the complexities of lithography to the detection of authenticity. Founded in 1969, Albert Scaglione’s Park West Gallery holds at-sea auctions on major luxury cruise liners and operates gallery spaces in Southfield, Michigan and Miami, Florida. Voted Best Art Gallery in Detroit by WDIV-TV and mentioned in a number of media outlets such as Metromode and Grosse Point News, Albert Scaglione’s Park West Gallery is recognized as a home for high-quality art pieces from many periods.

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