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Summary of Qualifications

Dedicated, analytical and loyal multi-lingual PORTFOLIO RISK MANAGER in STRUCTURED FINANCE with a proven track record. Pragmatic and persistent problem solver, who thrives on challenges, is poised under pressure and gets the job done.  Diligent, precise and seasoned team player who possesses excellent interpersonal and strong communication skills. Quietly assertive/hands-on leader and coach, organized and thorough planner and effective negotiator, dealing easily across all levels of the organization. Accustomed to a fast pace and multiple assignments, fulfills priorities and meets deadlines, while steadfast to principle, yet flexible to approach and solution.

Areas of Expertise

Risk Assessment & Credit Analysis covering a wide range of structured finance assets and distressed exposures, including assessment of key business and financial risks, servicer evaluation and collateral valuation; review external research reports and industry publications; monitor creditworthiness, supplemented with due diligence calls; identify relevant credit issues and recommend specific actions to mitigate risk; prepare periodic credit analysis for credit committee.

Portfolio Management for structured finance transactions including ABS, RMBS, CMBS, performing and non performing, domestic and international; monitor performance; advise senior management of unusual trends; recommend remedial actions; prepare periodic reports, including cash flow projections; maintain relationship with borrowers and related parties.

Deal Restructuring of troubled credits, including identify cash flow scenarios; enact legal framework of workout; secure and value pledged assets; work with creditor group, management and advisers; propose workout and negotiate new credit terms.

Transaction Execution covering a wide range of securitization credit facilities, from initial proposal through successful closing; decide risk acceptability; prepare approval package and present it to senior management; negotiate terms; execute legal documentation; fund loan advances and maintain dialogue with borrower and related parties.

Not-for-profit Management (501(c)(3) organization): supervise Executive Director and apply financial management; manage Board and Executive Committee with decision making responsibility; handle board strengthening; update governance and regulatory compliance; establish committees and delegate projects.

Management & Supervision: team building, training and development; performance management.

Business Experience


Senior Credit Risk Manager


Risk manager for a wide range of transactions with particular focus on structured finance. Analyze credit risk, provide credit opinion to credit committee, assist closing and monitoring activity. Voting member of the credit committee.  Transactions under management include collateralized loan obligations (CLO), aircraft, commercial real estate and subscriptions credit facilities. Trained staff on structured finance and established new credit risk policies for structured finance and subscription credit facilities.

  • To execute a large warehouse credit facility for a major CLO manager, assisted the origination team in structuring the transaction, managing the credit approval process and negotiating the legal documentation. Result: this was the first major structured finance transaction as sole agent, greatly enhancing the bank’s market presence.

Member of Board of Directors (President 2009-2014, Treasurer 2014-present)


Non-Profit organization, providing social services and scholarships.

As President, oversaw activities of a mid-sized charitable organization, including planning events and managing a staff of four. Headed Executive Committee, with principal decision making responsibilities. As Treasurer, supervise financial reporting, including budget and accounting, and liaise with external auditors.

  • To better communicate the organization's values and strengthen fundraising, supervised the shift in annual report format from audit-based technical to reader-friendly marketing approach. Result: after unanimous Board approval, new annual report published in November 2016.

Director, Portfolio Risk Management


(f/k/a EAA Portfolio Advisers, f/k/a Portigon AG, f/k/a WestLB AG)

Portfolio manager, winding down risk positions of the former WestLB, a German bank.

Risk manager for asset-backed (ABS) transactions, secured by diverse collateral, domestic and international, including residential and commercial real estate (RMBS, CMBS), auto loans, future flows, structured settlements, sports stadiums, container leases and distressed assets. Managed a portfolio of more than 30 transactions, for a combined volume in excess of $900 million. Actively involved in special situations, including litigations. Reported to Executive Director.

  • To establish discipline on three existing deals secured by structured settlements ($195 million), gathered and analyzed collateral data. Identified major issues. Created action plan and presented findings with suggested resolution to management. Negotiated necessary improvements. Result: achieved improved collateral reporting and internal risk awareness.
  • As team member, in anticipation of a substantial write-down, identified audit vendor to analyze collateral of residential mortgages. Determined loss provision and renegotiated deal terms with the borrower. Directed legal counsel. Result: restructured deal improved the risk profile and lowered loss provision by 30%.
  • Management needed to clearly understand the risk associated with the European CMBS portfolio. Gathered data from internal and external sources. After careful analysis, submitted recommendations for specific actions, including risk provisions. Result: implemented accepted recommendations over a six months period.
    • To exit a high risk transaction secured by fix & flip mortgages, hired external auditor to review the collateral and restructured the credit facility with equity contribution by borrower. Result: the loan was fully repaid within one year and the credit loss was 20% below initial projections.

    Independent Financial Advisor


    Participated in various educational events of the structured finance industry. 

    Submitted comments about proposed rules to FDIC and SEC.

    Advised private investors about long term investment strategies.


    Director, Conduit and Credit Products


    Structured, negotiated and executed ABS transactions, warehouse financings and liquidity facilities for Commercial Paper (“CP”) Conduits, with special expertise in credit cards, consumer loans, trade receivables and Mexican residential mortgages. Supervised two Analysts and reported to Managing Director.

    • To better understand the risk profile of the entire credit card receivables portfolio, devised a reporting system covering over 30 deals. Presented detailed proposal to management. Obtained approval and implemented new monitoring process. Result: established internal quarterly reports which allowed easy comparability; provided management with a clear risk understanding; Credit Suisse was able to approve additional business in this category.
    • As team member, to improve the capital structure of the credit card operations of a client (GE Capital), analyzed receivables ($10 billion) and structured new securitizations, both public and private. Result: client was successful in entering securitization market; established strong future business relationship with GE Capital.
    • For a client (MBNA) who needed bridge financings to acquire credit card receivables portfolios, structured CP transactions in anticipation of subsequent public securitizations. Result: client was able to substantially increase their credit card business with minimal equity contributions.
    • To expand investment banking business in Mexico, helped structure cross-border warehouse loans for Mexican financial institutions in support of their residential mortgage business. Result: Credit Suisse generated substantial additional fee income from Mexican RMBS transactions.
    • To execute a comprehensive debt refinancing for client of investment banking division, negotiated and structured trade receivables securitization, including collateral review and due diligence. Result: client reduced borrowing costs and Credit Suisse earned fee income.
    • Regularly coached and encouraged subordinates on technical topics including internal procedures, industry practices and data analysis.

    Credit Officer

    CREDIT SUISSE, Zurich, Switzerland

    Western European and North American Divisions.

    Coordinated credit approval process for transactions originated by foreign offices, with specialization in structured finance, following requirements set by the Executive Board.

    Monitored credit exposures with international financial institutions, corporate clients and of structured finance products, ensuring approved terms were met.



    Credit Suisse International Bankers School

    Graduate of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets Training Program, a full time intensive program taught by professors of Columbia and the New York University Business Schools.


    Quartermaster Sergeant

    Swiss Armed Forces

    15 months of combined service in the Swiss infantry.