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•More than 15 years of professional experience as a Marketing & Sales Manager/Director in industries of consumer goods, clothing, watches, footwear, and eyewear working with Premium products and brands such as Oakley, Fox Racing, Quiksilver, Diadora Bike, etc. •Solid and broad professional experience in managing the business, heterogeneous sales teams, brand management, product lines and inventory, follow-up and management of P&L, preparation of the forecast, Marketing department administration, and people management. •International experience as a manager of markets in Latin America. Administration of Distributors, local assistance to sales and merchandising teams, customer service of Key Accounts, prospecting markets, identification of opportunities, and availability for constant traveling. •Broad understanding of the wholesale operations (indirect channel). •Customer service and direct negotiations with Key Accounts. •Experience in managing independent Business Units, creating their strategies, market positioning, and making the administration independent of the sales force and marketing teams. •Focus on short, medium, and long-term results with the planning and execution of the sales policies and proper management of the Marketing mix. •Good communication skills, analytical profile, along with a strategic and global vision. •Coaching profile.

Work experience

May 2008Mar 2009

Sales Director

Silva Mattos & Cia Ltda
•Was responsible for sales & marketing of the company's five business units (Off Road, On Road, Bike, Sportswear, and Foreign Trade), along with the following departments: Sales Administration, Brands/Products, and Marketing •Managed 11 different brands of Moto and bike equipment that the group represented and distributed, one of which was its own. Silva Mattos is currently the market leader in distributing equipment and accessories for motorcycle pilots (Off Road and On Road) and bikes, and the main products sold are helmets, boots, motocross pants, jerseys, gloves, goggles, jackets, protectors, as well as casual and sports clothing and shoes. •Headed up a sales structure made up of Business Unit Managers, Phone Salespeople, and external independent sales reps. Overall, together with the Human Resources of the Sales & Marketing departments, there were 22 direct employees under my command and another 37 sales reps. •The administrators were one President and four Executive Directors, which were Sales, Industrial, Financial, and Supply Chain. I reported directly to the President. •Followed and managed the P&L and performance indicators inherent to the sales department, elaborated the forecast, planning, and execution of sales policies and marketing actions, created sales strategies and market positioning, and also participated in the development of new products and developed new business.
Jun 2006May 2008

International Sales Manager - Latin America

•Was responsible for controlling all the strategies and operations of Marketing, Sales, Administration, Finances, Logistics, and Legal of the brand Oakley in the following countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The incorporation of the other countries lacking in the territory was already scheduled for the end of 2008: Chile and Venezuela. •Managed independent distributors and gave support to administrative structures, sales, and local merchandising. •Took constant trips to follow the markets under my control. •In these markets I was responsible for all the categories of products for both men and women of the Oakley brand with a focus on distribution in Premium channels: Sun Glasses, Prescription Glasses, Watches, Clothing, Footwear, Goggles and Accessories (backpacks, suitcases, purses, belts, and wallets). •Reported directly to the CEO of Oakley Brazil and was in constant contact with the American headquarters (International Sales & Marketing Department).
Sep 2001Jun 2006

National Sales Manager

Silva Mattos & Cia Ltda
•Managed the entire Brazil-wide sales operation configured in 3 business units: Motorcycle, Bike, and Sportswear. •Administrated 2,000 active points-of-sales supported by 31 independent sales reps, 10 internal salespeople on the phone, 2 external sales promoters, and 2 sales supervisors. •Was also responsible for the Sales Administration, Market Intelligence, Finished Product Inventory, Transportation, Dispatching, Factory Store, and E-Commerce departments. There were a total of 38 employees under me. •Elaborated and executed the strategic plans of marketing, sales policies, investment planning, configuration of the product mix giving priority to contribution margins. •Negotiated directly with Key Accounts. •Prospected new business. •Elaborated forecasts. •Carried out all the sales strategy, reaching and sometimes surpassing the sales forecasted. Implemented a new management model per brand group. •Consolidated the Bike and Sportswear business units. •Created the Market Intelligence Department. •Applied varied remuneration policies linked to results for the internal sales team. •Modernized the entire sales administration system, which streamlined the process, reduced operating costs, and minimized errors (ERP).
Sep 1999Mar 2001

Key Accounts Manager - Latin America

Coteminas & Russell Athletic (Join Venture)
•In Brazil, was responsible for sales & marketing for Wal-Mart, Lojas Americanas, Sendas Group and independent distributors throughout the state of São Paulo. •Abroad, oversaw sales & marketing in the markets that make up MERCOSUR and Chile (Independent distributors). •Negotiation was in process with Carrefour, Extra, Bom Preço (Ahold) and retail networks. •Participated in creating and implementing all the merchandising material, promotional campaigns, and product launches. •Launched the brand JERZEES (basic fashion) in Brazil. Second largest American brand in volume and in sales in the segment. •Started up the company's sales, beginning from ground zero with all the contacts with large store chains. •Positioned the JERZEES products in the main Hypermarket chains in the country with effective sales and taking the place of traditional brands. •Developed a new distribution channel of our products with unspecialized distributors and in markets not yet explored by the competition (Distributor outside the capital city of the state of São Paulo).
Sep 1996Mar 1999

National Sales & Marketing Manager

Quiksilver Brasil (Ravage Confec. Ltda)
Main responsibilities as Marketing Manager (Jul/98 to Mar/99) •Planned communication, Brand Building strategies, ads, media plan, public relations, created all the marketing material, and launched new products. •Developed, introduced, and implemented new products. •Managed the sponsorship of athletes. •Events, trade fairs, and championships. •Sales force training. •Oversaw the logistics operation of the merchandising material. •Restructured the Marketing department with a focus and resources on the market (Stores and Merchandising). •Adapted, implemented, and improved the use of all the international merchandising tools to the national market (constant contact with headquarters). •Reconstructed the brand and its credibility as world leader, tarnished by the previous licensee. •Together with Sales, recovered the image of the products (quality) and services (brand) with significant growth in the numbers of sales and price increase. Main responsibilities as Sales Manager (Sep/96 to Jul/98) •Managed 16 independent sales reps (national sales force). •Administrated a portfolio of 800 clients. •Oversaw the sales procedures, financial analysis, and logistics. •Created and implemented all the sales procedures. •Optimized the sales force. Reduced the number of sales reps from 19 to 16, but still improved results. •Improved customer service after giving 3 training courses a year to the reps. Created the activities of Sales Convention and Collection Launch with everyone's participation.
Mar 1994Mar 1996

International Sales Manager (Buenos Aires – Argentina).

•Sold to Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. •Provided technical support, developed new products and applications together with large multinational food companies. Interacted and researched new applications with the production departments of these companies and their respective quality control departments, product development, and marketing. •Participated in corporate events (trade fairs, lectures, workshops, etc.). •Transformed monthly sales plans into annual programs, providing a more productive and logistic plan for the company at lower costs. Annual sales: US$ 9 million. •The attack to the competition by negotiating annual plans showed to very effective, which maintained the brand's leadership during this period. •Launched a new product line focused on small farmers using as a strategy free courses on product application and new packaging designed for this market.




Universidade de São Paulo

Bachelor's Degree

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