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Other experiences and activities

2003 - 2004 and2004 - 2005 :

  • Teaching experience: assistant at the course of Laboratory of Physics of the Chemistry Department (University FEDERICO II, Napoli);

2004 - 2005 :

  • Webmaster and responsible of the Napoli Neutrino Physics Group website;

2004 - 2005 :

  • European coordinator of an analysis team for one of the experimental test carried out in the framework of the OPERA experiment test program; Responsible of the Napoli group for the design, the set-up and the

Since December 2004 : 

  • Author of the Monte Carlo simulation of the tracking detector of the OPERA experiment and in charge as responsible and coordinator for its maintainance and development;

Since March 2003 :

  • Founding associate of the NaLUG (Napoli Linux Users Group)

Since February 2001 :

  • CERN member (European Organization for Nuclear Research);

Since January 2001 :

  • INFN member (National Institute of Nuclear Physics);

Conferences and poster presentations

December 2007 :

  • MIAMI2007 “First Events from the CNGS Neutrino Beam detected in the emulsion target of the OPERA experiment”. On behalf of the OPERA collaboration, (Fort Lauderdale, Florida);

March 2007 :

  • ROOT2007 “OpRelease a framework for event simulation and analysis in OPERA”. On behalf of the OPERA collaboration, Cern (Geneva, Switzerland);

May 2005 :

  • PHENO 2005 “A study of charm production in neutrino interactions”. On behalf of the CHORUS collaboration, University of Winsconsin – Madison, USA;

September 2004 :

  • XC National Meeting of the SIF (Italian Sociesty of Physics) “High energy bera beam without massive detectors”. Brescia, Italy;

June 2004 :

  • Poster presentation: “Oscillation Project with Emulsion tRacking Apparatus”. On behalf of the OPERA collaboration, CERN School of High Energy Physics –Saint Feliu de Guixol, Spain;


  • Italian    Mother tongue;
  • English  Very good;
  • French  Basic understanding.

Computer knowledge


  • C++, C, FORTRAN77/90

Operating Systems

  • LINUX, UNIX, WIN Vista/2000/XP, DOS

Software packages

  • Microsoft OFFICE (Power Point,Word, Excel, Access), Open Office, MATHEMATICA, MATLAB


I have a strong attitude in data analysis, statistics and problem solving; in addiction I like to study real situations and to build models to predict them. In fact, I was involved in many analyses of the experiments that I joined during my experience at university.

Since the beginning of my PhD, I’m working in the OPERA experiment collaboration. This collaboration consists of about 200 physicists from about 40 institutions from all over the world. Since a couple of years I’m team leader of the Monte Carlo simulation and Event generation working group of the experiment, in addiction I’m the responsible of the simulation of a sub detector.

Moreover, during my post doc, I also worked to an experiment thought to studythe use of beams of Carbon nuclei for cancer treatment. In particular, we measured the charge of about 3000 fragments produced by the interaction of 12C nuclei in a detector simulating the density of the human body.

I have more than 5 years of experience in C++ and C programming; in addiction I have more than 7 year of experience in using LINUX and UNIX. Now I’m one of the founding associate of the Napoli Linux User Group.

In 2001 I had a working experience at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and I consider this experience fundamental in my life. In fact, I had, for the first time, the chance to work for a quite long period in an international team and it gave me the chance to grow both from the professional and human point of view.

In 2006 I worked for few months in Lyon (France), in this period I had the chance to learn some French. Now, I consider myself at a basic understanding level, but I really like to learn new languages and I would not mind to learn Dutch andimprove my French if needed.

I am somebody that brings enthusiasm and dedication to achieve the results that have been defined. I would like to be involved in challenging work experiences that will give me the chance to learn and grow.

List of publications

  • L.Arrabito et al. “Track reconstruction in the emulsion-lead target of the OPERA experiment using the ESS microscope” Published in JINST 2:P05004, 2007;
  • S.Buontempo et al. “Emulsion Cloud Chamber technique to measure the fragmentation of a high-energy carbon beam”. Published in JINST 2:P06004 2007;
  • L.Arrabito et al. “Electron/pion separation with an emulsion cloud chamber by using a neural network”. Published in JINST 2:P02001, 2007;
  • R.Acquafredda et al. “First events from the CNGS neutrino beam detected in the OPERA experiment”. Published in New J.Phys.8:803,2006;
  • L.Arrabito et al. “Hardware performance of a scanning system for high speed analysis of nuclear emulsions”. Published in Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A568: 578-587, 2006;
  • G.Onengut et al. “Measurement of nucleon structure functions in neutrino scattering”. Published in Phys.Lett.B632: 65-75, 2006;
  • N. Armenise et al., “High-speed particle tracking in nuclear emulsion by last generation automatic microscopes”. Published in Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A551: 261-270, 2005;
  • CHORUS Collaboration “Measurement of fragmentation properties of charmed particle production in charged-current neutrino interactions”. Published in Phys.Lett.B604: 145-156, 2004;
  • A. Marotta, P. Migliozzi (INFN, Naples), F. Terranova, M. Spinetti(INFN, Frascati) “High energy Beta Beams without massive detectors”. Published in Eur.Phys.J.C38:69-77,2004;
  • A. Marotta, G. De Lellis (Naples University & INFN,Naples), P. Migliozzi (INFN, Naples) “A combined analysis of all data on nu and anti-nu induced single charm production”. Published in J.Phys.G28:713,2002;

A complete list of all my publications can be found at:

Work experience

Dec 2006Present

Post doc position


Event simulation, data acquisition and analysis in the OPERA experiment

Jan 2006Present

Team leader of the simulation working group

OPERA experiment

Coordination of the team that takes care of the Monte Carlo simulation and of the simulated events generation

Apr 2006Jun 2006

Research assistant


Simulation of the emulsion tracking detector of the OPERA experiment in the OPERA official software framework

Dec 2002Jan 2006


University Federico II

Selected on the basis of a competitive examination for a fellowship to attend the PhD in fundamental and applied physics of the University Federico II of Napoli. The PhD has been carried out in the OPERA experiment

Nov 2002Dec 2002


University of Salerno

Selected on the basis of a competitive examination for a fellowship to attend the PhD in Physics of the Salerno University (I resigned to attend the PhD at the University Federico II in Napoli)

Jul 2002Nov 2002



Data analysis of the data acquired in the emulsion tracking detector of the CHORUS experiment.

Sep 2001Oct 2001

Research assistant


Data analysis of the data acquired in the detector of the  OPAL experiment

Jun 2001Sep 2001

Summer Student Fellow


Data analysis of the simulated events in the detector of the OPAL experiment